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Cabin Fever Fix 3-7-2015

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Yesterday was the Cabin Fever Fix at Murfreesboro Out Doors and it was a huge success.  Just from a visual observation  the crowd was larger than any that we have had there in the past and the lines at the register was busy all day.  There just aren’t many independently owned stores like this in operation any more and we are fortunate to have MOD here in middle Tennessee.  At the Rapala booth the “NEW SHADOW RAP” was the center of attention. 9 out of 10 guy’s that we talked to came in looking for the Shadow Rap and we blew through all the stock we had early on in the day.  Sales of other Rapala sku’s was solid especially in the DT’s-X Rap’s and Shad Raps and the “BUY 3 Rapala Baits at regular price and get a FREE spool of Sufix Mono” was as popular this year as ever.  When you combine the free line PLUS a 20% discount at the register PLUS Randy feeding everyone that came in Jambalaya-BBQ-Hot Dogs-Chips-Cake-Cookies and drinks how could you loose? I need to thank Mark from Jones and Company for all his help and planning prior to this event. On my part it was good to talk with every one and catch up on all the big ones that have been caught this past year and even some that got away! Speaking for myself and Rapala we appreciate your support and have a safe-fun and productive year on the water.    Rick

Below Nick A Jack Dam 2-10-2015

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David Honey and I put in below the dam at 7:00am and fish until noon. We marked several fish but there was no bait to be seen anywhere….but we still managed to put 20 White Bass in the boat and several of them were chunks. David and I both was using the ultra sensitive 7′ Med Allpro APX spinning rods and 6lb test Sufix mono I know I’m a broken record but if you haven’t used Sufix you are missing one of the strongest, best casting line on the market bar none. Due to the process called G2 winding there is very  little memory and  comes off the spool like silk. I caught fish today on 3 different lures. 1st is the 4inch 3/16th Storm Shiner Wildeye Curl Tail Minnow. This bait has the needle sharp VMC Hooks already rigged in the bait and swims through the water like the real deal  2nd was a swim bait rigged on a 1/4 ounce VMC Flat Shad Jig Head These hooks are 1X stronger, has a hollowed out back so your swim bait will fit snug against the head and all 6 sizes have 3D Eyes. It has a little different swim to it that at times will make a big difference. 3rd was a Luhr-Jensen 1/4oz Live Image Holo Krocodile Spoon  Good day catching some good fish on light tackle….Rick McFerrin

W/O 1-19-2015



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This was a very frustrating week for me on the water. Monday Ken and I went to Center Hill-he caught a good Smallmouth right away and then we never had another bite the rest of the day. Tuesday I fished Normandy and had 7 on a Rapala DT6 Red Craw in the first hour then nothing after that. Today I Fished Tim’s from day light until 3pm had 7 bites and caught 4 Smallmouth and 2 Largemouth. Sufix 6lb Test Mono on either a 7’6′ M/L and 6 7′ med AllPro APX Rod . Done for the week. Rick McFerrin

Normandy 1-15-2015

Normandy 1-15-2015 001  Normandy 1-15-2015 004 Normandy 1-15-2015 003

When Ronnie and I put in yesterday (Thursday) it was 26 degrees ait temp with a water temp of 40 or 41 degrees in the area that we concentrated on.  It sleeted on us for 1/2 hour or more but that didn’t keep 10 Largemouth and 2 Spots from whacking either a Rapala DT 6 Demon or Red Craw This reminded me of a couple years ago when they stayed on a crank bait all the way down to 38 degrees and was right up on the bank.  Sufix 6lb test Mono and a AllPro Apx Med Spinning  Hope to give you a Center Hill  and Tim’s report next week. Rick McFerrin

Tims’s Ford 1-6-2015

Tim's Ford 1-6-2015 002 Tim's Ford 1-6-2015 004 Tim's Ford 1-6-2015 005

What you see is what we got and it all happened early and quick and that was that!!!!! Nice Smallies but everything shut down for us. 6lb Sufix Mono VMC Bait Keeper Hooks and AllPro APX Rods  . All for this week…Rick McFerrin

Normandy DT6 1-5-2015

Normandy 1-5-2015 002 Normandy 1-5-2015 003 Normandy 1-5-2015 004

It was 25 degrees when Ronnie and I put in this morning at 8:00am and 30 when we left around 1:oopm. The 5 above was out best of 7 and we also lost a couple others.  All but one came on a Rapal DT6 Red Craw and the other on a Texas Red LuhrJensen Speed Trap  All Pro Med Spinning and Sufix 6lb Mono ..Hopefully more tomorrow and then it looks like that will be all for the week with the artic air coming in on Wednesday. Thank You for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Normandy DT6 Demon 12-30-2014

Normandy 12-30-2014 005 Normandy 12-30-2014 006 Normandy 12-30-2014 007 Normandy 12-30-2014 008 Normandy 12-30-2014 009 Normandy 12-30-2014 010 Normandy 12-30-2014 011 Normandy 12-30-2014 012 Normandy 12-30-2014 013 Normandy 12-30-2014 014 Normandy 12-30-2014 015 Normandy 12-30-2014 016 Normandy 12-30-2014 017

All I have to say is Rapala DT6 Demon . All 20  my fish came out of 6 feet of water or less-45-47 degree stained water.  It was so cold and windy on my hands this morning that I didn’t try to take a lot of pictures—but my best 5 went 14lbs 5oz by the old digital scale.  I had 1 very nice Smallmouth the rest was largemouth and Spots. 6 lb Test Sufix on a 7′ All Pro APX med spinning rod.  Most likely I won’t fish any more this week-Rena is off and we just plan to do nothing together.  Happy New Years to everyone and thank you for visiting my site.  Rick

Tim’s Ford 12-22-2014

Tim's Ford 12-22-2014 001 Tim's Ford 12-22-2014 003 Tim's Ford 12-22-2014 005 Tim's Ford 12-22-2014 006 Tim's Ford 12-22-2014 007 Tim's Ford 12-22-2014 008 Tim's Ford 12-22-2014 010 Tim's Ford 12-22-2014 011 Tim's Ford 12-22-2014 012

This was the best of 16 Smallmouth that I caught today on Tim’s. The 2 fish that I’m holding both happened at the same time….let me explain. I have been throwing a slip float some this winter with out much success. There will be a time yet that it will work fantastic and is a big help when the wind get’s up. Any way I had  thrown the float a few times with no takers so I decided to just let it trail behind the boat .  I got a hit on the free line, put him in the boat looked around and the float was gone -2 at the same time.  Love those brown fish!!!!!!6lb Sufix Mono VMC Bait Keeper Hooks and AllPro APX Rods  . All for this week……..Merry Christ to everyone. Rick McFerrin  BE SURE TO CLICK ON PG 2  AT THE BOTTOM FOR MORE WINTER TRIP REPORTS


Tim’s Ford 12-19-2014

Tim's Ford 12-19-2014 002 Tim's Ford 12-19-2014 003 Tim's Ford 12-19-2014 004 Tim's Ford 12-19-2014 005 Tim's Ford 12-19-2014 006

This has been the first time my youngest son Daniel and I have been out together for a long time.  Daniel has been in tech  school and just graduated last week. Proud of him and his desire to get started on his career. 49 degree water,  32 degree air temp and thankfully moderate winds. We fished for almost 5 hours in 5 locations and the ones above was our best. We also lost a big fish that just came undone.  All on minnows 6lb test Sufix mono…  VMC Bait keeper Hooks and AllPro 7’6″ M/L rods As you know Sufix discontinued the Clear blue Promix sometime ago.  I have always been a fan of the “Clear Blue Sufix Pro Mix” because if you were a “Line Watcher” like me or fished at night with a black light it was fantastic.  I am just about out of the 6lb Clear Blue here at the house so I have been trying the  Sufix Elite Hi-Vis Yellow and here is my findings so far. #1) It is super strong #2) It has great knot strength #3) it cast extremely well due to the G2 Winding Process that we use and #4)  The Smallmouth don’t seem to mind-this line all but disappears in the water but still gives you the ability to see that small tick in your line that happens live bait fishing at times.  If you liked the Clear Blue you will like the Hi Vis Yellow as well….That’s it for this week…………short week next but I anticipate being able to get out for a day maybe two. Rick McFerrin

I will be booking a few late December-January and February-March  light tackle “LIVE BAIT GUIDE TRIPS” on Tim’s Ford for Smallmouth and on Normandy for Smallmouth-Largemouth and Spots.  These trips will be Monday through Friday only. For details contact me at or on my cell phone 615-308-9936.

Tim’s Ford 12-16-2014

Tim's Ford 12-16-2014 001 Tim's Ford 12-16-2014 002 Tim's Ford 12-16-2014 003 Tim's Ford 12-16-2014 004 Tim's Ford 12-16-2014 005

I don’t know how many people over the past year and  half  has asked me “Where Is David Honey”!  David has battled various physical problem and I was so happy to get back on the water with my Ol’ Fishing Buddy today.  David started out quickly this morning putting the first one in the boat in the first 15 minutes and the smile on his face tells the whole story. David and I were both rigged the same  with 6lb Sufix Mono VMC Bait Keeper Hooks and AllPro APX Rods  I may have 2 more updates this week…….stay tuned   Rick McFerrin