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Tim’s Ford July 7-102

Tims july 7-2014 004 Tims july 7-2014 005 Tims july 7-2014 007 Tims july 7-2014 002 Tims july 7-2014 001

This is the first time I have been on the water for several weeks. Between a weeks vacation, having a bad summer cold and my tow truck being in the shop I have been land locked more or less. Everything you see above was caught on a Rapala Skitter Walk early this morning. After the top water bite died off I fished several other areas and methods and at least for me with little success. Good to be back on the water. I threw the Skitter Walk on Sufix 832 Braid on a 7′ m/h Allpro APX Spinning Rod….great combo.  I should be able to give you one more post this week. ***Just a thought!  I was very disappointed in all the trash after-math from the 4th of July weekend at the ramp area and parking lot this morning. I don’t think I have every seen as many  bottles- garbage-plastic bags-sparkler sticks you name it that was  scattered every where. We are blessed to have the facilities that we have here in Tennessee to bad those that used the Turkey Creek Ramp left it in the condition they did.  Rick McFerrin

Normandy 6-17-2014

NORMANDY 6-17-2014 NORMANDY 6-17-2014-2 NORMANDY 6-17-2014-3


Doug Markham and I had a very interesting day today on Normandy. We started out at 5:30 am trolling  a variety of crank baits in multiple locations of the lake with no results.  We would mark fish, but most were suspended and not in or around bait.  For a while we thought that we were going to experience another “Got Ya” on the Walleye but we kept moving and changing tactics.  At 10:15 am with temps now around 90 degrees and still no Walleye we decided to make one last stop and from 10:30 until 12:30 we put 9 beautiful Walleye in the boat on the same VMC Revolution Hex Spinner Rig that I caught my Walleye on yesterday. We took a lot of pictures and when Doug sends me more I will add them to this post.  He also had his underwater camera with him and has some great pictures of landing and releasing  these fish which will be on a video I believe on his Face Book.  Also Doug will be talking about the VMC Rigs and our day on his radio show this coming Saturday 99.7 FM listen in.  Doug and I both used these rigs and Sufix Mono  Rick McFerrin

Normandy 6-16-2014

001 004


I fished Normandy this morning for 4 1/2 hours and caught 5 Walleye between 17 and 21 inches on a VMC HFHS25T  Hex Spinner Rig (pictured above) These rigs have an exclusive Hydro Flow Blade, 72 inch 10lb leader and a # 4 VMC Fastgrip Hook. I trolled these on a Atlantis Series 7 1/2 foot Allpro rod  and 6lb test Sufix mono  I also caught 2 Spots as well with all the fish coming out of 8 to 15 feet of water. Fun 4 hours, hopefully more this week. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford Week Of June 9-2014

Tim's Ford 6-12-2014 001 Tim's Ford 6-12-2014 002 Tim's Ford 6-12-2014 003 Tim's Ford 6-12-2014 004 Tim's Ford 6-12-2014 005 Tim's Ford 6-12-2014 006 Tim's Ford 6-12-2014 007 Tim's Ford 6-12-2014 008

This report is for the week of June 9-2014. I started out the week on Normandy early Monday morning and finished yesterday on Tim’s. I was only able to fish a total of 5 hours total for the 2 days and the pictures above was my best fish. You will notice that Ronnie Wooten is holding a beautiful 6lb 5oz Largemouth that he caught on Normandy Monday morning on a 1/16th ounce crappie jig. Needless to say Ronnie was excited to land this fish on a limber 8 foot crappie rod, 6lb test line and that little jig. Good job Ronnie.  All of my fish  this week came on 3 baits. A Rapala Skitter Walk,  a Shad #5  Rapala Glass Rap and a Trigger X Minnow . As always I only use Sufix mono and Braid and All Pro Rods Hopefully I can spend more time on the water  next week and if I do will up date you then. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Tims Ford 6-5-2014

001 002  004003


Tougher day for me on Tim’s today. I set in the parking lot for 2 hours this morning with lightening striking all around the lake.  I just never got on any kind of pattern, 1 here 1 there on a Rapala Skitter Walk, Rapala #7 Shad Rap, and a 1/4 ounce Terminator Jig with a TriggerX Pumpkin Twin Tail Grub  I caught and released 9 Largemouth and 1 Smallmouth with the 4 above being the best of the bunch.  More next week Lord willing. Rick McFerrin

Tims’ Ford 6-2-2014

tims ford 6-2-2014 003 tims ford 6-2-2014 023 tims ford 6-2-2014 022 tims ford 6-2-2014 021 tims ford 6-2-2014 020 tims ford 6-2-2014 019 tims ford 6-2-2014 015 tims ford 6-2-2014 014 tims ford 6-2-2014 013 tims ford 6-2-2014 012 tims ford 6-2-2014 011 tims ford 6-2-2014 010 tims ford 6-2-2014 009 tims ford 6-2-2014 008 tims ford 6-2-2014 007 tims ford 6-2-2014 006 tims ford 6-2-2014 005 tims ford 6-2-2014 004

I put in at 5:00 am this morning and connected on a good Rapala Skitter Walk bite  within the first 30 minutes  after that bite died down I caught the rest 20 or more  on either a Trigger X  Pearl Minnow rigged with a VMC 4/0 Wide Gap Hook  and a  Terminator 1/4 ounce  Pumpkin Green Jig  with a 4 inch Trigger X Green Pumpkin twin tail.  I used 10lb Sufix Mono and  6/20 832 Braid today  on several All Pro 7′ m/h APX spinning  rods .  All in all a fun 6 hours. More by the end on the week.  Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 5-22-2014

Tims Ford 5-22-2014 001 Tims Ford 5-22-2014 002 Tims Ford 5-22-2014 003 Tims Ford 5-22-2014 004 Tims Ford 5-22-2014 005 Tims Ford 5-22-2014 006


Ken Jenkins and I spent 5 hours this morning on Tim’s with mixed results. I had been telling Ken about the top water bite and how good it has been and then Tim’s acted like Tim’s. (I should have known better) The top water bite was no where to be found for us this morning. However we did  and released a mix of Smallmouth and Largemouth (10-12 total) caught on a Rapala DT6 Blue Back Herring a Trigger X Minnow rigged on a VMC 3/0 wide gap hook  and a Real Bait Crawfish Jig ( see at Murfreesboror Out Doors) with a VMC Green Pumpkin Trailer. Ken and I both use Sufix mono and a variety of All Pro Rods  Be safe on the water this holiday week end. Rick McFerrin

Normandy 5-20-2014

NORMANDY 5202014 001 NORMANDY 5202014 002 NORMANDY 5202014 003


I met Ronnie Wooten (pictured above) at the Fire Lake ramp at 6:15am this morning and we fished until 11:30pm. The wind definitely wasn’t our friend today, it had to get up to 20 mph gusts but due to Ronnie’s skill and knowledge of small specific  logs (some unable to be seen) we still managed some great  slab’s.  I was using a Size #6 1/32 ounce  Green/Orange VMC Wax Tail Jig tipped with a Crappie minnow  on Sufix 6lb Test Mono  I’m very impressed with this little jig’s. The hook ups was directly in the upper roof of the mouth which means that the balance is dead on and the tails are unbelievably durable.  My 7’6″ AllPro Atlantis Series Rod worked extremely efficient as well .  Ronnie knows his stuff and that is proven over and over again here on Normandy.  Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford Monday May 19-2014

TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 001 TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 002 TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 004TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 003  TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 005 TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 012TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 007TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 006TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 008   TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 010TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 009  TIMS FORD 5-19-2014 011

Fished Tim’s Ford this morning with a good friend for many years Ron. We had a good Rapala Skitter Walk Bite  up until about 10:30am then We caught the remaining fish on a Jig win a Trigger X Twin Tail Grab trailer   Rocn and I both use Sufix Mono and Braid and AllPro Rods . Left the lake at 1:00pm  15 total 14 Largemouth and 1 Smallie. Rick McFerrin