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suffix lineWelcome to Tennessee Bass Guides LLC.  My name is Rick McFerrin , was  a full time guide for 12 years.  In the early years I focused on 2 lakes. Old Hickory and Tim’s Ford but in recent years Tim’s , Normandy and Nick A Jack. I have enjoyed many BIG LARGEMOUTHmemorable trips with fishermen from literally all over the world. I have made some long lasting friendships and 100’s of wonderful memories. Guiding has given me the opportunity to work with “Blue Chip” companies like Rapala , Sufix, VMC, Terminator and Storm.  I value them and will promote them as long as I am fishing. But in all things there came a time to take a different avenue and that is what I did. I retired from guiding.  This will give me the opportunity to fish other lakes that I have wanted to fish and for species other than bass with family, long time clients and friends that mean a lot to me. I will still be giving you the same product and fishing trip information that I always have. Dated trip pictures and 100% honest information is and will always be the standard on my web site. In that respect nothing has changed.  For those of you that fished with me through the years “THANK YOU” If we can’t hook up, I will be happy to direct you to other guides that I have confidence in should you desire a recommendation. We have been blessed in Tennessee with a wonderful and diverse fishery, and we as sportsmen have the responsibility to be good stewards of these resources. My goal has always been to leave the water I fish in as good or better conditions for those that will come after me, I hope you will feel the same way….Rick

Estill Springs Weather Forecast, TN (37330)   Tim’s Ford Lake is not only full of “BIG” Smallmouth, and Largemouth,  Striped Bass, Hybrids. I specialize in using light line and tackle such as Sufix 6lb & 8lb Pro Mix Mono and a variety of Rapala baits and  techniques based on the season and fishing conditions.   ABB 206BOATDECALlogo

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