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Tim’s Ford 2-20-2023

Tim's Ford 2-20-2023 001 Tim's Ford 2-20-2023 002 Tim's Ford 2-20-2023 003

Ken and I fished Tim’s yesterday and “I THOUGHT” we were going to be in for a great crankbait/Jerbait day. Over cast good wind a little light rain good water color due to recent heavier rains. “Wrong” We concentrated on Many  areas the gave up fish last week on a crankbait by we zeroed.  The big “0”.  So we switched over toward the end of our trip and put 4 in the boat (2 good ones) and had my line break at the leader knot on one.  Even throwing finesse stuff the bite was hard to come by.  VMC 3/16th Weedless Finesse Jigs and Soft plastics rigged on Sufix 10lb Yellow Performance Braid and 8lb Sufix Fluorocarbon.  Water temp was still in the  high 49 range but with all of the warm weather that we are having it has to start warming.  Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 2-14-2023

Tims Ford 2-14-2023 001 Tims Ford 2-14-2023 002 Tims Ford 2-14-2023 003 Tims Ford 2-14-2023 004

Fished Tim’s for 4 hours today-I put in at Holiday and there is no problem getting in or out. All I did was throw a crankbait  and a Jerkbait. The 4 above hit a Luhr-Jensen Texas Red Speed Trap I also lost 1 on this same bait. You can view these baits on our Rapala site at  6Lb test Sufix Clear Blue Pro Mix and a VMC Crankbait Snap that was was it.  I had one stuck on a Clown X Rap that just came undone that I didn’t see.  I’ve been battling some Blood Pressure problems and just haven’t felt good enough to get out-I think we are close to getting that taken care of.  Thanks for visiting my site.  Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 1-16-2023

Tim's Ford 1-16-2023 001 Tim's Ford 1-16-2023 002 Tim's Ford 1-16-2023 003 Tim's Ford 1-16-2023 004

I fished with Jared Hollandsworth today on Tim’s. Jared and my youngest son Daniel grew up together-so we have known one another for a long time but this was the 1st time we have fished together. Jared had his “Personal Best” 20 inch Smallmouth today and I was elated.   We fished hard for 7 hours and the ones above was our best for the day.  Sufix 20lb Yellow Performance Braid with a 8lb Sufix Fluorocarbon leader VMC 1/8 ounce Weedless Finesse Jig and soft plastic.  Water temp 48 degrees and lake elevation 874.  No problem getting in at Lost Creek. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 1-2-2023

Tims Ford Jan 1 2023 001 Tims Ford Jan 1 2023 002 Tims Ford Jan 1 2023 003 Tims Ford Jan 1 2023 004 Tims Ford Jan 1 2023 005 Tims Ford Jan 1 2023 006 Tims Ford Jan 1 2023 007

For my out of state viewers, the Tennessee keeper length on Smallmouth is 18 inches which none of these made it. I just wanted to show 6 of the 8 that caught today and the baits I used. These were 12 to 16 inches.  First everything was caught on either the Lurh Jensen Texas Red Crystal Speed Trap (it looks brown in the pic) but it is very red  and a OG Tiny Coosa Special  crankbaits.   All on Sufix 6lb test Clear Blue Pro mix Mono and a VMC Crankbait Snap  Water temp was 49 degrees and the fish were very shallow–3 to 5 feet at the deepest. I threw several different deeper bait like the DT6 and DT8 but no results.  Just a heads I wouldn’t use the State Park Ramp—Trailers are getting hung up.    Thanks for looking  Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 12-20-2022

Tims Ford 12-20-2022 001 Tims Ford 12-20-2022 002 Tims Ford 12-20-2022 003

Best 3 of 7 today on Tim’s—There was 3 boats of us fishing today and everyone struggled.  I did have some 10- 12 inch Smallmouth on a OG Tiny Coosa Special  6lb Sufix Clear Blue Pro Mix  They would absolutely attack the Tiny–it’s going to be a good one for you crankbait enthusiast.  The 3 above came on Creek Minnows and a VMC Bait Keeper Hook  6lb Pro mix as well.  More next week after the deep freeze go’s away. Water temp today 52-52 no problem getting in at the Park. Thanks for visiting my site Rick McFerrin

2 Day Nov 28-29-2022


Long time friend Tim White and I fished together on Tim’s and Normandy over these past 2 days. Tim lives on Lake Hartwell in Georgia- we trade trips 2 times a year. I will be on Lake Hartwell Lord willing for 3 days in April 2023.  To say it was tough over the past 2 days wouldn’t be saying enough, We started out on Tim’s Monday morning with a good cloud cover and had 6 in the first 45 minutes.  Sun broke out and everything died at least for us. I think we had 2 or maybe  3 in the next 5 hours. Yesterday we fished Normandy  and struggled around for a few hours until we got on a pattern around 1pm as the storm that was coming was bearing down on us.  What you see above was the best out of 24 that we caught in the 2 days. I was really surprised on the Smallmouth-just couldn’t locate any even on finesse stuff.  We used a variety of baits but the best for me was a Rapala DT8 Helsinki Shad-and a DT6 Parrot and a DT8 Red Craw  6lb Test Sufix Pro Mix Clear Blue Mon  Water temps on both lakes in the 54-55 range. More next week Lord willing. Thank you for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Normandy 11-22-2020

TIM WHTE 2 001 TIM WHTE 2 002 TIM WHTE 2 003 TIM WHTE 2 004 TIM WHTE 2 005

Got Ronnie out for a little while this morning (3 hours) -He’s been under the weather so it was good to spend a few hours with him doing what we like to do. We never left the ramp area in those 3 hours-trolling motor only until we put the boat on the trailer.   Everything on a Rapala DT6 or DT8 Red Craw or Helsinki Shad. Sufix Pro Mix Clear Blue 6lb Mono  Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 10-17-2022

Center Hill 10-17-2022 001 Center Hill 10-17-2022 002 Center Hill 10-17-2022 003

I fished Center Hill from 6:45am until noon today. The bites were few and far between-I had 6 bites and put 4 in the boat including the Smallmouth pictured above . For those of you that are out of state our first real cold front for this year started last night.  There was a stout north wind that you just couldn’t seem to get away from. Air temp was 55 when I left. Every on 10lb Sufix Yellow Sufix Braid and 8lb Sufix Fluorocarbon– and a VMC Weedless Jig . I tossed a crankbait and spinner bait as well with no takers. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 10-10-2022

Center Hill 10-6-2022 002 Center Hill 10-6-2022 001 Center Hill 10-6-2022 003 Center Hill 10-6-2022 004 Center Hill 10-6-2022 005 Center Hill 10-10-2022 001 Center Hill 10-10-2022 002 Center Hill 10-10-2022 003 Center Hill 10-10-2022 004 Center Hill 10-10-2022 005

This is a 2 day report. Ken Jenkins and I fished last Thursday and I fished today by myself. Both days gave up a bunch of short Smallmouth as well as what you see above.  Water temps still running 67-70 and I think they had dropped the water level a little since last week. The fish was a little deeper today (20ft) last Thursday more in the 10-15 range.All fish both days came on Sufix Yellow Performance Braid and Sufix 8lb Fluorocarbon leader  VMC Weedless 3/32 Jig and soft plastics .  Thank you for visiting my Site. Rick McFerrin