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Braxton Campbell

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Just got these 4 pictures of Braxton holding up some nice ones from Tim’s. I don’t have any info to go with them-but I can tell you this Braxton is a fish catching machine-and is growing up in a fishing family with his father Jason and grandfather Billy.  I like the hat Braxton-your a good rep.  Keep lifting up over the sides. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 5-16-2018

TF5165 TF5164 TF5163 TF5166 TF5167 TF5168

Several months ago I got a call from the gentleman that you see pictured above his name is  Don Rasbach. Don and I worked together years ago in the food industry. Don wanted to plan a trip for he and his son to catch a smallmouth-something they had never done.  We fished this past Tuesday and it was a hot (93)-no breeze-tough day from the get go for us. We put in at daylight at Holiday and finished at  2:15pm in Rays Branch.  We caught and released 15 Smallmouth, Largemouth mix all caught on soft plastic rigged on a VMV Finesse Weedless Jig  Head and Sufix 6lb Mono  Don and Hunter both were very good to fish with and hung in there to the bitter end.  Good to hear from and fish with an old friend-Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 5-8-2018

TF581 TF582 TF583

It’s been several weeks since I have been on Tim’s so Ronnie and I decided to put in at Rock Creek yesterday and what you see above other than a short Smallmouth and a Flat Head Cat was all she wrote. Not much to tell-we fished from the Rock Creek ramp to the bridge  at Devils Step. All 3 of the Largemouth hit a Rapala DT6 River Shad thrown on Sufix 6lb Pro Mix Mono . We threw the arsenal at them yesterday with no takers. Water temps has risen to the mid to high 70’s-tons of pollen on the water-No excuses just couldn’t figure them out. Rick McFerrin

Apalachicola Fla. May 2018

apalachicola 1 apalachicola 2

Ken Jenkins and I drove to Apalachicola this Monday and fished with Andrew Sapp who owns “Caught Up Charters” on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We faced very strong winds that kept the bay muddy every day-depth viability was almost zero. Even with that we were able to catch the trout that you see above and a 16lb Triple Tail. I also had the opportunity for another Triple Tail and blew it-looked like a rookie big  time. Between fishing with Andrew for 2 days  and off a pier 1 day Ken and I caught well over 150 or better. Several different species-some with teeth some not. If you are going to that area of Fla. and want to use a guide I would recommend that you contact Andrew at 850-653-5208 and check out his availability. I would like to go back and just do the Triple Tail thing someday Lord willing.  Now I focus again on those beautiful Brown Fish that swim in our waters. Good to be back home-good trip with a good friend. Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 4-17-2018

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Best 14 or 25 that Ken Jenkins and I caught on the Hill this morning all on a VMC Dater Head Jig and soft plastics. We both was using  Sufix 6lb Mono A lot of stuff floating and the lake was up maybe a foot or so-water temps early was 53+ and the warmest we found just before we left was 55+. Another good day-Thankful for it. Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 4-13-2018

Center Hill 4-13-2018 003 Center Hill 4-13-2018 002 Center Hill 4-13-2018 001 0413180807a 59 57 54 50 44 38a 28 18 17 08 07c 07a 07 04

Best 18 of 31 that Ronnie and I caught today on Center Hill-topped of with a 20lb Blue Cat that took Ronnie 20 minutes to get in the boat on Sufix 6lb mono (strong line) Everything else as far has lures etc is exactly the same as yesterday. (read post below)That’s 60+ in 2 days on the Hill. Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 4-12-2018

Center Hill 4-12-2018 001 Center Hill 4-12-2018 002 Center Hill 4-12-2018 003 Center Hill 4-12-2018 004 Center Hill 4-12-2018 005 Center Hill 4-12-2018 006 Center Hill 4-12-2018 007 Center Hill 4-12-2018 008 Center Hill 4-12-2018 009 Center Hill 4-12-2018 010 Center Hill 4-12-2018 011

Best 11 of several caught on soft plastics and either a 3/16 VMC Dater Head Jig or 3/32 VMC Finesse Weedless Jig and Sufix 7lb 100% Invisiline Flourocarbon. This line is virtually invisible-casts extremely well-incredibly sensitive-low stretch and is manufactured with the Sufix exclusive G2 Precision winding which all but eliminates memory. If you like fluorocarbon you really need to pick up a spool , I know you will like-great line. I haven’t used the higher LB test but the 8lb down is fantastic.  The water temp  is still in the high 50’s and clear . Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 3-23-2018

Center Hill 3-23-2018 005 Center Hill 3-23-2018 008 Center Hill 3-23-2018 007 Center Hill 3-23-2018 006 Center Hill 3-23-2018 009 Center Hill 3-23-2018 011 Center Hill 3-23-2018 012 Center Hill 3-23-2018 013 Center Hill 3-23-2018 014 0323181333 0323181335

Braxton and I put in this morning at 7am and left at 1:45pm we caught and released a mix of 24 Largemouth-Smallmouth and Spots. All but 1  was caught on either a Rapala DT6 River Shad or a VMC Weedless Finesse Jig and soft plastics I was using 8lb Sufix Pro Mix with a Sufix Fluorocarbon  6lb test leader. www, on the soft plastics and 6lb Pro Mix on my crankbait. Braxton once again is great to fish with and to correct something from yesterday he will be 14 soon not 12—-he wants to be older I wish at times I was younger. He’s a good kid I had 2 great days with him.  Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 3-23-2018 Braxton Campbell

Tims Ford 3-22-2018 001IMG_3016 IMG_3017 IMG_3019 IMG_3020 IMG_3021  3333 001 222222 002 222222 001   Tims Ford 3-22-2018 006 Tims Ford 3-22-2018 005 Tims Ford 3-22-2018 004 Tims Ford 3-22-2018 003 Tims Ford 3-22-2018 002

I had the pleasure of fishing with the grandfather/grandson team of  Billy and Braxton Campbell on Tim’s yesterday and we had a good day together. We put 14 Smallmouth in the boat from 6:30 to 2:00pm with 2 being caught on a Rapala X Rap and the other 12 on soft plastics rigged on finesse jig heads. I was using the VMC Weedless Finesse Jig Head in a couple different sizes depending on the wind and 6lb Test Sufix mono . I think we are only a few good warm days away from things breaking wide open-we found water temps in the 53 degree range and the color everywhere we stopped was good. Braxton is a good fisherman with a great feel for what ever he is using-I forgot to ask but I think he is 12 years old. He has a great future in bass fishing ahead of him-way to go Braxton!  Rick McFerrin

Tims Ford 3-15-2018

Tims Ford 3-15-2018 001 Tims Ford 3-15-2018 002 Tims Ford 3-15-2018 003 Tims Ford 3-15-2018 004 Tims Ford 3-15-2018 005 Tims Ford 3-15-2018 006 Tims Ford 3-15-2018 007

Ronnie and I put in at 7am this morning ran to our first stop and had 5 Smallmouth right off the bat. We struggled around for a while after that but finished the day with 11 Smallmouth and 1 Spot. The 7 above was our best. Everything was caught on soft plastics and a 1/8oz VMC Finesse Weedless Jig We both were using Sufix Clear Blue Mono in 6 & 8 lb test.  If you haven’t tried the VMC FW Jig you really need to pick up a pack and try them. The wire keeper on these are far better than most that’s on the market today-plus the backs are hollow so you can snug the bait up closer and the weedgards are stainless and work great. More to come hopefully tomorrow-headed to Old Hickory with Ken Jenkins. I’ll let you know what we did—Rick McFerrin