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Center Hill 1-19-2019 DT6 Red Craw & Demon

Center Hill 1-19-2019 002 Center Hill 1-19-2019 003 Center Hill 1-19-2019 004 Center Hill 1-19-2019 005 Center Hill 1-19-2019 006 Center Hill 1-19-2019 007 Center Hill 1-19-2019 008 Center Hill 1-19-2019 009 Center Hill 1-19-2019 010 Center Hill 1-19-2019 011 Center Hill 1-19-2019 012 Center Hill 1-19-2019 013

Good Day on the Hill today-Started out with a nice  DT6 Red Craw and Deon bite-They would nail it. (Better get you some) After the Crankbait bite went away I caught the remained on a VMC Weedless Finesse Jig and soft plastics. Sufix 6lb mono on the crankbaits and 10lb Sufix 832 Braid with a 6lb VMC Fluorocarbon leader.  46 degree water and good color. Get out your snow shovel it sound like we are going to need it Sunday Morning. Rick McFerin

Tim’s Ford 1-15-2019

tims 1-15-19 002 tims 1-15-19 001

Ronnie and I fished from 7:00am until 11:30am without bite one! Nothing-zero-nada-goose egg! They were pulling the water hard enough that it would continually pull your boat out and down stream. The generation stopped and from 11:30am until 12:30 we had 7 bites-5 in the boat (4 like the bottom pic) and one pushing 4. Ronnie needed to go so we loaded the boat and headed home. Everything on a VMC Finesse Weedless Jig and soft plastics . I believe that I  found a pattern if could have stayed-or at least I’ like to believe that. More the end of the week. Rick

Normandy 1-7-2019

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Ronnie and I fished from 6:30 until 11:15 and had  11 Spot/Largemouth mix. I fished an additional hour and had the 2 that you see me holding above. We caught a couple early on a DT6 Red Craw then switched over to a VMC Finesse Weedless Jig and soft plastics and caught the rest. Ronnie was using *8b Sufix Mono and I was using Sufix 10lb Braid and a 6lb Sufix Fluorocarbon leader The bite was extremely light , most of the time you didn’t see a twitch-slack line nothing-just a subtle heaviness.  Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Normandy 1-2-2019


Best of 11 that Ronnie and I had on Normandy this morning on a Rapala DT6 Red Craw . LOT’S of color and differing water temps as high as 54 degrees and as low as 48 degrees. I got Ronnie to try Sufix 6lb mono several years ago and he is a walking commercial for how great the line is. If you haven’t tried it pick some up and you will be hooked to.  Rick McFerrin

Normandy 12-18-2018

Normandy 12-18-2018 006 Normandy 12-18-2018 008 Normandy 12-18-2018 009 Normandy 12-18-2018 004 Normandy 12-18-2018 007

I have been trying to get all my pictures to load for over an hour and have just gave up. I had a good day on Normandy-10 spots and 1 Largemouth all on a Rapala DT6 Red Craw on Sufix 6lb Pro Mix If I can get the other pictures to load I will add them to the post. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Normandy DT6 Red Craw 12-13-2018

NO12 NO11 NO10 NO9 NO8 NO7 NO6 NO5 NO4 NO3 NO2 NO1

Ronnie and I caught 17 today on Normandy on a Rapala DT6 Red Craw. We had 10 off 1 bank and the others were scattered. Water temp 44 to 46 with  great cranking color. We  both used  Sufix 6lb mono on these DT6’s-Slow and easy and very shallow. Rick McFerrin

Week Of 11-26-2018

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Here are 6 pictures that I have been holding back because of a tournament that Bill and Braxton fished this pass week end. Bill is holding 4 that we  (he) caught (I was a good net guy) on a Float N Fly and the other 2  pics are of  Braxton on tournament day. Their club has a 3 fish limit which is great and these 3 Smallmouth won them 2nd place and a good payday in their club fish off.  Billy and I also had several smaller Smallmouth on soft plastics. Once again I was using a VMC Weedless Finesse Jig on Sufix Yellow Braid with a Sufix Fluorocarbon leader. Headed to Center Hill to fish with Billy this morning and the actual air temp here at 4:38am is 22 degrees. Burrrrr! Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 11-19-2018

Center Hill 11-19-2018 001 Center Hill 11-19-2018 002 Center Hill 11-19-2018 003 Center Hill 11-19-2018 004 Center Hill 11-19-2018 005 Center Hill 11-19-2018 006 Center Hill 11-19-2018 007 Center Hill 11-19-2018 008 Center Hill 11-19-2018 009

Good day on the Hill today. Best pictured above-A little unexpected extra on the Walleye that hit a Rapala Albino Shiner the rest hit a LuhrJensen Live Image Blue Krocodile Spoon www.luhrjensencom–3/16 -Terminator PBJ  Finesse JIg VMC Weedless Finesse Jig and soft All on Sufix Mono-Braid and Fluorocarbon leader Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerin


Center Hill 11-16-2018

Center Hill 11-16-2018 002 Center Hill 11-16-2018 003 Center Hill 11-16-2018 004 Center Hill 11-16-2018 005 Center Hill 11-16-2018 006 Center Hill 11-16-2018 007 Center Hill 11-16-2018 008 Center Hill 11-16-2018 009

I had a 20 fish day on the Hill with what you see above being the best. I lost 2 good fish again -one in timber and the other just came undone. Everything except 2 on a VMC Finesse Weedless Jig and soft plastics the other on w Rapala River Shad DT6 Sufix Braid and Fluorocarbon leader. . Water temp 56 degrees and good color. Some stuff floating  because of the rain that we have had lately. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

W/O 11-5-2018 Tim’s & CenterHill

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This is a 2 day report. The gentleman that is holding the Smallmouth is Robert Markham-2 years ago he had a heart transplant and now he is doing great. Robert gives all the glory to God for his recovery-and that’s where it all belongs. We caught either 7 or 8 with the 3 being our best. The pictures on the floor was from yesterday on Center Hill. My camera wouldn’t work and I don’t like taking pictures this way but there wasn’t another option. I took a few and skipped the rest. Everything we caught on Tim’s was on soft plastics. I caught 3 yesterday on a Rapala Skitter Walk  and 6 others on soft plastics rigged on a VMC Weedless Finesse  Jig head. I lost 2 other heavy fish that I never saw.  I also caught a 6 or 8 5 to 6 inch Smallmouth-there is a ton of them in Center Hill-good for years to come.   Sorry for the pics-In a new camera hunt today. Rick McFerrin