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Old Hickory New BX Brat Largemouth

Old Hickory 7-24-2017 004 Old Hickory 7-24-2017 005 Old Hickory 7-24-2017 006 Old Hickory 7-24-2017 007 Old Hickory 7-24-2017 008 Old Hickory 7-24-2017 009 Old Hickory 7-24-2017 010

When I was guiding Old Hickory full time a shallow crankbait was my go to money lure almost every trip.   I haven’t made the drive in a long time-Tim’s Normandy and Nick A Jack are all closer for me so I get over here a couple time a year now at best.  BUT when I received my first NEW RAPALA BX BRATS I knew right away where I was going to put them to the test.  I got to the ramp in Spencer Creek at 4:45am and right at daylight I headed to an old area of mine that I use to fish and BANG I immediately LOST-YES LOST 2 good fish in the first 5 minutes on the BX Brat Tamale (picture above) I just didn’t have them stuck.     20 minutes later I lost another good fish-I was aggravated at myself but then I settled down-SLOWED MY RETRIEVE DOWN and that was the key. As the sun got up I switched to the Blue Ghost (pictured above) kept moving to other areas all in Spencer Creek  that I use  to fish and caught and released 12 more. Folks even in Cannon County that adds up to 15 Largemouth by 9:30am all in water less than 5 feet deep and high 80 degree water temps. By that time I was HOT-HOT- so I loaded the boat and headed back to the ranch.  A long way for 4 1/2 hour s but I found out what I wanted to know. This is one fantastic square bill crankbait. The BX Brat comes in a 3 foot and a 6 foot bait and 12 different colors- These are made with a balsa core with a copolymer outer shell. They have a modified “V” Cut belly and fantastic action-equipped with 2  VMC # 6 round bend hooks.  Those of you that know me -know I have never lead you wrongin the past and that is still true today. The BX BRAT is a WINNER no doubt in my mind.   I’m not sure what the availability is at retail right now-just check with your favorite tackle shop and get a bunch of these you will be happy that you did.  Rick McFerrin Next stop Nick A Jack.

Tim’s Ford 7-6-2017

Tim's Ford 7-6-2017 001 Tim's Ford 7-6-2017 002 Tim's Ford 7-6-2017 003 Tim's Ford 7-6-2017 004

This was one of those we should have stayed home mornings-because we had to dodge storms-lightening-heavy rains and winds all morning. We left at 10am the 5 above was our best of 7 total. Rapala Skitter Walk on 10lb Sufix Pro Mix Mono www.sufix was the best. More next week Lord willing. Rick McFerrin

Normandy 6-30-2017

Normandy 6-30-2017 001 Normandy 6-30-2017 002 Normandy 6-30-2017 003 Normandy 6-30-2017 004 Normandy 6-30-2017 005 Normandy 6-30-2017 006 Normandy 6-30-2017 008

I had a good morning with Ronnie on Normandy-above is our best of 15 all caught on one short stretch on soft plastics and Sufix 8lb test Mono. I like the clear blue pro mix and Ronnie was using the high vis yellow.  Every time we would cover the area we would caught 1 maybe 2 then we would turn around and do it all over again. This will be it for me until after the 4th—Maybe Nick A jack or Tim’s again-Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 6-21-2017

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009

Another good morning on Tim’s with Ronnie. We caught and released 20 or more Largemouth, Smallmouth, White Bass and Hybrids. We couldn’t find the Hybrids today like we did Monday but the action was still good for about 1 1/2 hours then it died at least for us. We also stopped in and area on our way back to the ramp (10am)  and had several Largemouth blow up on a Rapala Skitter Walk but wouldn’t hook up. Everything today was on the Skitter Walk-DT6 River Shad-Sliver and Blue Jigging Rap and soft plastics.  Sufix  Clear Blue ProMix in 8-10-12lb test depending on what we were doing. I’m on vacation for the next 10 days or so-Anniversary next Tuesday-and with the monsoon moving in from Florida I’m not sure how much more I will be able to post-we will see.  Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 6-19-2017

Tim's Ford 6-19-2017 001 Tim's Ford 6-19-2017 002 Tim's Ford 6-19-2017 003 Tim's Ford 6-19-2017 004 Tim's Ford 6-19-2017 005 Tim's Ford 6-19-2017 006 Tim's Ford 6-19-2017 007

Ronnie and I had a good day on Tim’s We caught and released 30 or more mix of Largemouth, Smallmouth, White Bass and Hybrids all but a few were caught vertical jigging a Sliver Blue Rapala Jigging Rap in 25 to 30 feet of water(see picture above). We also lost a couple big??????? Don’t know but they were stout. I was using 10lb test Clear Blue Sufix Pro Mix and Ronnie was using 12lb.  First time on Tim’s in a long time-Rick

Nick A Jack & Center Hill w/o 6-5-2017

Nick A Jack & Center Hill 001 Nick A Jack & Center Hill 002 Nick A Jack & Center Hill 003 Nick A Jack & Center Hill 004 Nick A Jack & Center Hill 006 Nick A Jack & Center Hill 007 Nick A Jack & Center Hill 008 Nick A Jack & Center Hill 009 Nick A Jack & Center Hill 010 Nick A Jack & Center Hill 011

This has been a week of “A Little Fishing” and “A lot Of Tech”  I started out on NAJ caught what I caught early then spent the next 3 hours or more when it got HOT  practicing using as many functions on my new electronics as possible writing down notes and experimenting.  Center Hill yesterday with Ken was a very productive Tech Day for me-he helped clear up many questions on how to get to where I wanted to go on my units. We spent 70% of our time on my electronics.  We also had some decent Smallmouth as well plus a 15-20lb ? Drum.  The reason for the drum pic is because I’m always talking about how good the 6 & 8 Lb Test Sufix mono is—This fish was on 6lb Sufix Clear Blue Pro Mix Fantastic line!!!   Everything on a Rapala River Shad DT6 and soft plastics.  Here comes the broken record-If you don’t have several River Shad DT6’s in your boat you are missing fish-it’s just that simple.  Rick

Nick A Jack 5-23-2017

Nick A Jack 5-23-2017 001 Nick A Jack 5-23-2017 003 Nick A Jack 5-23-2017 005 Nick A Jack 5-23-2017 006 Nick A Jack 5-23-2017 007 Nick A Jack 5-23-2017 008 Nick A Jack 5-23-2017 009 Nick A Jack 5-23-2017 010 Nick A Jack 5-23-2017 011 Nick A Jack 5-23-2017 012

Ronnie and I got on the water about 20 minutes before day light ran to our first stop and stayed there for 3 hours or more. The results 23 Largemouth with the 10 above being our best. Off the water at 10:30am home by noon.  Everything on Soft plastics and 8lb Test Sufix Clear Blue Mono  Best line in each weight on the market today bar none. Rick McFerrin

Normandy 5-22-1017

nORMANDY 5-22-2017 001 nORMANDY 5-22-2017 002 nORMANDY 5-22-2017 003 nORMANDY 5-22-2017 004 nORMANDY 5-22-2017 005 nORMANDY 5-22-2017 006 nORMANDY 5-22-2017 007 nORMANDY 5-22-2017 008

I caught and released 14 today on Normandy all caught on soft plastics and a Parrot  Rapala DT6 and 8lb Test Clear Blue Sufix Mono www.sufix.  It took me a little while to find them but when I did I had 9 out of one short area.  I spent a lot of time today trying to learn some new electronics–it was quickly  obvious to me that I need help.  Nick A Jack tomorrow. Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 5-18-2017

Center Hill 5-18-2017 001 Center Hill 5-18-2017 002 Center Hill 5-18-2017 003 Center Hill 5-18-2017 004

Center Hill this morning the best of 6 total and all caught on a Rapala DT6 River Shad and 8lb test Sufix Clear Blue Mono   May moon Blue Gill hatch is in full swing-the fish that I caught were chasing the gills.  More Next week Lord willing. Rick McFerin

Nick A jack 5-15-2017

Nick A Jack 5-15-2017 001 Nick A Jack 5-15-2017 002 Nick A Jack 5-15-2017 003 Nick A Jack 5-15-2017 004 Nick A Jack 5-15-2017 005

Ronnie and I put in at Shell Mound right at day light (5am) . We had 12 Largemouth at our first stop just about as fast as you could cast then 9 more scattered here and there. We left the lake at 9:30am with 21 in the boat with the 5 above being our best. Again no big fish but a lot of fun any way. Everything on soft plastics and a Rapala DT6 River Shad  8lb Sufix Clear Blue Mono on both. Water still dingy with a lot of floaters and around 70 degrees when we left.  Rick McFerrin