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GrandKids 1st Christmas Cookie Bake

Christmas 1 christmas 2 christmas 3 christmas 4

Tonight around the our kitchen table my 2 Daughter In Laws (left to right) Rachel and Mandi-My Grand Daughter Brittani My wife Rena and our 2 newest grand kids Marshall (almost 2 years) Annilen (18 months) gathered together to let the kids bake and decorate their 1st Christmas cookies.  All we were missing was 1 Granddaughter Ashley  and sons Rick Jr. and Daniel. What a blessing!  Merry Christmas from the McFerrin’s .

Braxton 3 Trip Report

11301 11302 11303 11304 11305 11306

Braxton has been on break this week and has made the most of it. 2 Trips to Tim’s and 1 to Center Hill. Billy said the bite over all was slow-but Braxton did manage to put some good ones in the boat.  The 4 that he is holding was from the tournament on Tim’s yesterday where he finished 2nd. The 3 spot he was holding is from the Hill.   Rapala DT6 Red Craw  and soft plastics accounted for most. Way to go Braxton. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 11-25-2019

Tim's Ford 11-25-2019 004 Tim's Ford 11-25-2019 005 Tim's Ford 11-25-2019 006 Tim's Ford 11-25-2019 007 Tim's Ford 11-25-2019 008 Tim's Ford 11-25-2019 011 Tim's Ford 11-25-2019 012

The 5 Smallmouth & 1 Largemouth  that Robert is holding was the best of 16 Total for us today 3/32oz . VMC Weedless Finesse Jig  and soft plastics and a Rapala Fire Tiger DT6 did what damage we did. Water temps in mid 50’s and normal winter Tim’s color. The 1 picture is friend Jason Freeze holding 2 of his good fish this morning on Tim’s as well.  I wish everyone a great Thanksgiving. I know that I have so much to be thankful for.  Rick McFerrin

Normandy 11-4-2019 Tim’s 11-5-2019

Tims Ford 11-5-2019 001Tims Ford 11-5-2019 002Tims Ford 11-5-2019 003Tims Ford 11-5-2019 004Timwhite1timwhite2timwhite3normandy 11-4-2019 002 normandy 11-4-2019 004 normandy 11-4-2019 005 normandy 11-4-2019 006 normandy 11-4-2019 007 normandy 11-4-2019 008

2Day Report: Good long time friend Tim White came over from Georgia to fish with me this week for 2 days. 1st day on Normandy then tomorrow on Tim’s . The fish that Tim is holding was our best for the day and the 1 picture of me was a good fish I caught last week there as well. DT 6 was our best over all this morning-Tim and I both throw our crankbaits on Sufix mono—Tim was using 8lb test and I was using 6lb. www,  Water temp has dropped down into the low 60’s which should help with the crankbait bite. Tim and I fished Tim’s from 6:30 until noon-he then had to leave to drive back home-VMC Weedless JOg and soft plastics best today  Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 10-22-2019

Center Hill 10-22-2019 002 Center Hill 10-22-2019 004 Center Hill 10-22-2019 005

Fished Center Hill this morning and had 8 Smallmouth and 1 Largemouth all on a VMC Finesse Weedless Jig and soft plastics. 2 Of the Smallmouth above were 18 and 18 1/4 inches  the other one was in the 17 inch range . Water temp when I put in at 7;30 was 68 degree and warmed to just above 70 degrees when I left this afternoon. Wind got up to 20 or more and I thought I would connect with a Rapala DT6  or  a X Rap but it didn’t happen. More this week but from Tim’s Ford.  Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Normandy 10-15-2019

Normandy 10-15-2019 001 Normandy 10-15-2019 002 Normandy 10-15-2019 003 Normandy 10-15-2019 004 Normandy 10-15-2019 005 Normandy 10-15-2019 006 Normandy 10-15-2019 007vmc weedless 001

Ronnie and I had a decent 4 hours this morning on Normandy. Water temp 74 degrees at daylight. The 7 above was our best of 10 Largemouth & Spot mix.  Everything this morning on soft plastics. I know I’ve talked about this before but if you like throwing a Finesse Jig into cover-You can’t beat the 4 pack  VCM Weedless Finesse Jig that you see above. They come in the following weights  3/32–1/6—3/16—1/4. The 3/32 & 1/8 has a 1/0 light wire hook and the 3/16-1/4 a 2/0 light wire hook. The weed guard is stainless-The jig body is hollow on the back so your plastics will snug up tight (Which helps greatly in cover) and the wire keeper is adjustable up and down to accommodate bait size. 2 glitter finishes Black and Green Pumpkin.  If you try 1 pack you will buy more-Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Oct 14 2019

oct102019 001 oct102019 002 oct102019 003 oct102019 004 oct102019 005 oct102019 006 oct102019 007 oct102019 008 oct102019 009

The pictures above are from 3 separate trips over the past week. I fished by myself, with Braxton and today with Ken.  We caught and released several in the 3 trips but never hooked up on any good ones. Rapala Skitter Walk, DT6  Penguin, Terminator 3/8oz Chartreuse and White Gold Willow blades worked the best for me along with soft plastics on a 3/32ounce VMC Weedless Jig Head.  All on Sufix mono and braid www.sufix.  Hoping for better results later this week. Water temps in mid-70’s and headed down. Cold nights and cold rains will help. Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 9-11-2019 VMC Bladed Treble Skitter Walk

Old Hickory 002 Center Hill 0-11-2019 001 Center Hill 0-11-2019 003 Center Hill 0-11-2019 005 Center Hill 0-11-2019 006 skitterOld Hickory 001

Best 6 of 11 this morning on the Hill. Everything came on my favorite well worn Rapala Skitter Walk  I added the “New” VMC Bladed Hybrid Trebel  for extra flash. these are 1x strong-Wide Gap-Inline Eye and as always needle point sharp. Water temp 80+ air temp in my truck when I got back to the ramp was 90—–and I was the only one left in the parking lot. More Friday Lord Willing

Tip From A 71 Year Old Hand

001 002 003

What your looking at is a 71 year old hand (mine) that has fingers that just don’t work like they use to and gets even worse the colder it gets. I just have a hard time tying baits on, so I use a VMC Crankbait Snap which comes in 5 different sizes as much as possible as long as it doesn’t hinder the action of the bait. Where snaps don’t work as well for example is on Spinner Baits like my  favorite Terminator  that is made with a R bend (open bend) because the snap slides up and down the wire and can become very frustrating very quickly to me. (I should have tried out for the Grumpy Old Men Movies)  So what I do is use medical tubing (see 3 small sections above) that comes in different inside dimensions cut off a small length and slide it over the tie area (see red area) of the spinnerbait . I take a small drop of super glue to hold the tubing in place and the spinner bait is now ready to be used with a snap.  I’m sure you can get tubing from many places but I do know that medical tubing is flexible enough not to collapse or pull the baits wire closer together which “could” hinder it’s performance.   Just something that works for me I hope it helps you. Rick McFerrin