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Nick A Jack Dam 10-12-2018


Daniel took Friday off and wanted to fish below the NAJ Dam with live bait. We caught some creek minnows the night before and was at the ramp just about daylight. What you see above was caught in the 1st hour and then it was ZERO. We never had another bite in the next 5 hours. We watched the other boats around us and never saw anyone caught a fish.  I talked with Billy, he fished Dale Hollow and had 7 small fish in the first couple hours then zero-and Ronnie never had a bite on Normandy-it must have just been the day for some reason or another.  I’ve been saving gas money and holding out for colder weather which we are finally getting. Water temp Friday was still 76 to 78 degrees and should be down lower this week.  Sufix Braid and Sufix Fluorocarbon leader  rigged with a 3/0 VMC  Bait Keeper Hook was all we used We had some great creek minnows left and I intend to use them up this week before the die. I will let you know what happens. Rick McFerrin

Center Hill-9-10-2018

CH91011 CH91010 CH9108 CH9107 CH9106 CH9105 CH9104 CH9103 CH9102 CH9101

Terry and I got to the ramp at 5:15am and it was raining big time. We hung around the ramp until 6:00am then headed to our first stop. We did a lot of moving to get what you see above. I thought we would have a good top water bite but it just didn’t happen. Everything was caught on Sufix Braid and Mono (terry and I both) and a VMC Finesse Weedless 3/32ounce  The 3/32 has a great light wire 1/0 hook and is concaved on the back of the head so your plastics fit tight. They also have stainless weed guards and wire keeper. If you haven’t tried these jigs  you need to pick up a pack you will like them. Thanks for visiting my site Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 9-6-2018

CH961 CH962 CH963 CH964

Billy and I put the boat in at 5:30am this morning ran to our first stop and immediately put 1 in the boat and lost 5. Not a good way to start. We struggled around for most of the morning. I lost at least 2 more that I couldn’t keep hooked up and caught a couple short KY’s and Billy had 2 or 3 other blow up on a top water but no kook ups.  We should have had a 14-15 fish day.  Storms came up and we loaded out.  Rapala Skitter Walk Sufix Braid and Fluorocarbon vmc Spin Shot and drop shot weights  Rick McFerrin

Normandy 9-4-2018


Best 3 of 7 this morning on Normandy with long time (30yrs)  good friend Terry Hicks. Everything on soft plastics rigged in several different ways. VMC Wide Gap 3/0 Hook and VMC Finesse 3/32 Weedless Jig  20lb Sufix Braid and 8lb Fluorocarbon leader and straight 10lb Sufix Clear Blue Pro Mix Mono Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

New Sufix® Advance™ Monofilament

I want to share with you a little bit about the new Sufix® Advance™ Monofilament it’s supple, sensitive and strong. It’s a mono that thinks it’s a braid. Sufix Advance is easy to handle and fishes smooth — like mono always has — but it shares some of the qualities of braid too, like enhanced sensitivity and abrasion resistance,”durablity, low-stretch, abrasion-resistant. It spools up on your reel smooth as silk. Sufix Advance mono, combines HMPE molecules with Hyper Copolymer. HMPE molecules are the material braided superlines are made from. Sufix engineered a proprietary magnetic-extrusion process to draw HMPE molecules toward the surface of the line and bond with the Hyper Copolymer. The result of all that engineering is superior, long-lasting abrasion resistance that doesn’t make the line stiff and unmanageable.

Additional features of Sufix Advance include enhanced castability, reduced line memory, unrivaled knot strength and 50 percent lower stretch and UV absorption than standard monofilament. It’s available in two colors, clear and low-vis green, and nine strengths: 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, 17-, 20- and 25-pound test. Give it a try I believe you will purchase more. Rick McFerrin


Normandy 8-30-2018

Normandy 8-30-2018 001 Normandy 8-30-2018 002 Normandy 8-30-2018 003

This was a “Could Have Been Better” day. I lost 2 additional Smallmouth about the size of the one above and a Largemouth that was a clone  to the other 2 pictured above. I also caught and released 4 short Spots. 1 on top water the rest on soft plastics rigged with either a 3/0 VMC Wide Gap Hook or a 3/16th VMC Weedless Finesse Jig. Sufix Braid with a 100% Sufix  Fluorocarbon leader. 81 degree water & Everything came out of 8ft of water or less. Done for the week-the lakes will be like a zoo through Monday. Rick McFerrin

CenterHill 8-24-2018

Center Hill 8-24-2018 003 Center Hill 8-24-2018 004 Center Hill 8-24-2018 005

These are all separate fish. The 2 that I’m holding I caught back to back so I took 1 out of the well and took the pic so I wouldn’t be carrying them in the live well. Water temp is still 79 and just too hot to keep them there. The other 2 were caught is 2 different locations. I had 4 Good Largemouth 8 Short Spots-2 Short Smallmouth a o 1  Black Nose. All 4  came on top water the biggest on a  Rapala Skiiter Walk  All the Spots and Smallmouth on soft plastics and a VMC Weed less Finesse Jig www.vmc 10 lb Sufix Pro Mix Mono on the top water and 20lb Sufix Braid with a a 8lb Sufix fluorocarbon leader.  Rick McFerrin


Chickamauga 8-14-2018


Please excuse the bad photography must be the camera. Billy and I started out exploring new areas that Billy hasn’t fished. Billy had a big one engulf his frog and snapped 20lb braid-that’s what he gets for not using Sufix. Wasn’t long before  I lost a good one -that’s what I get for getting anxious.  After our chances for 2 big fish got away from us we ventured out on the ledges and caught 7-6 pictured above on a drop shot. I  was using the VMC Spin Shot Hook and VMC Tungsten weights These were rigged on Sufix Braid with a Sufix Fluorocarbon leader By that time it was very hot again-so we loaded out and headed home. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick