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2 Day Nov 28-29-2022


Long time friend Tim White and I fished together on Tim’s and Normandy over these past 2 days. Tim lives on Lake Hartwell in Georgia- we trade trips 2 times a year. I will be on Lake Hartwell Lord willing for 3 days in April 2023.  To say it was tough over the past 2 days wouldn’t be saying enough, We started out on Tim’s Monday morning with a good cloud cover and had 6 in the first 45 minutes.  Sun broke out and everything died at least for us. I think we had 2 or maybe  3 in the next 5 hours. Yesterday we fished Normandy  and struggled around for a few hours until we got on a pattern around 1pm as the storm that was coming was bearing down on us.  What you see above was the best out of 24 that we caught in the 2 days. I was really surprised on the Smallmouth-just couldn’t locate any even on finesse stuff.  We used a variety of baits but the best for me was a Rapala DT8 Helsinki Shad-and a DT6 Parrot and a DT8 Red Craw  6lb Test Sufix Pro Mix Clear Blue Mon  Water temps on both lakes in the 54-55 range. More next week Lord willing. Thank you for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Normandy 11-22-2020

TIM WHTE 2 001 TIM WHTE 2 002 TIM WHTE 2 003 TIM WHTE 2 004 TIM WHTE 2 005

Got Ronnie out for a little while this morning (3 hours) -He’s been under the weather so it was good to spend a few hours with him doing what we like to do. We never left the ramp area in those 3 hours-trolling motor only until we put the boat on the trailer.   Everything on a Rapala DT6 or DT8 Red Craw or Helsinki Shad. Sufix Pro Mix Clear Blue 6lb Mono  Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 10-17-2022

Center Hill 10-17-2022 001 Center Hill 10-17-2022 002 Center Hill 10-17-2022 003

I fished Center Hill from 6:45am until noon today. The bites were few and far between-I had 6 bites and put 4 in the boat including the Smallmouth pictured above . For those of you that are out of state our first real cold front for this year started last night.  There was a stout north wind that you just couldn’t seem to get away from. Air temp was 55 when I left. Every on 10lb Sufix Yellow Sufix Braid and 8lb Sufix Fluorocarbon– and a VMC Weedless Jig . I tossed a crankbait and spinner bait as well with no takers. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 10-10-2022

Center Hill 10-6-2022 002 Center Hill 10-6-2022 001 Center Hill 10-6-2022 003 Center Hill 10-6-2022 004 Center Hill 10-6-2022 005 Center Hill 10-10-2022 001 Center Hill 10-10-2022 002 Center Hill 10-10-2022 003 Center Hill 10-10-2022 004 Center Hill 10-10-2022 005

This is a 2 day report. Ken Jenkins and I fished last Thursday and I fished today by myself. Both days gave up a bunch of short Smallmouth as well as what you see above.  Water temps still running 67-70 and I think they had dropped the water level a little since last week. The fish was a little deeper today (20ft) last Thursday more in the 10-15 range.All fish both days came on Sufix Yellow Performance Braid and Sufix 8lb Fluorocarbon leader  VMC Weedless 3/32 Jig and soft plastics .  Thank you for visiting my Site. Rick McFerrin

2 Day Report 10-3 & 4-2020

Nick A jack 10-3-2022 006 tIMS fORD 10-4-2020 001 tIMS fORD 10-4-2020 003 tIMS fORD 10-4-2020 002 Nick A jack 10-3-2022 004 Nick A jack 10-3-2022 003 Nick A jack 10-3-2022 002

I fished the grass at Nick a Jack yesterday and had 7. One on a Terminator Buzz Bait and 6 on soft plastics rigged weightless 30lb Sufix Braid and 15lb Sufix Fluorocarbon and a VMC Wide Gap Heavy Duty 4/0 Worm Hook  Fished Tim’s today I caught 16 Smallmouth and 1 Spot.  Rapala Skitter Walk–Silver and a 3/32  VMC Weedless Finesse Jig and soft plastics. Tims was 66 degrees at the ramp and 70 when I left.  A ton of 12-14 inch Smallies have moved up but I was able to catch a 3lb 9oz and a 3lb 3oz Smallmouth on “My Last Stop” —–one more cast!  Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Week Of 9-26-2022

Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 001 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 002 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 003 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 004 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 005 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 006 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 007 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 008 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 009 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 010

Back at it—good to have the hot weather behind us. I can handle colder weather but not hot anymore.  Before I go any further I have had several people wanting up dates so I will show you some of what I had this week on Center Hill and Tim’s. There are no 18inch  keeper Smallmouth-all short. I had 13 today on Tim’s 5 on a New Rapala DT8 Red Craw and a Silver and Blue. and Sufix 6lb Pro Mix Mono and  the rest on a VMC Weedless Finesse Jig and soft plastics. Sufix 20lb Yellow Performance braid and a 8lb Sufix Fluorocarbon leader. 2 On a Rapala Skitter Walk on Center Hill and a couple on soft plastics. I could only fish 4 hours on Center Hill so I stayed almost within site of the ramp at Ragland. I hope this will be the start of my fall/winter up dates.  Hopefully I will have some larger fish. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Normandy 8-23-2022

Normandy 8-23-2022 003 Normandy 8-23-2022 005 Normandy 8-23-2022 006 Normandy 8-23-2022 007

I fished Normandy this morning from 6:15am until 9:45 am until it got to hot. I caught the 3 above—a 5.4lbs—-4.6lbs—3.12lbs–the 3 weighed in at 12.92lbs. They would wham the new Rapala Holographic Bone Skitter Walk  that you see above. This bait has the same “thump” that the Skitter Series has plus a Blue-Pink and Silver hologram, This is going to be a “GOOD ONE”   10lb Sufix Pro Mix Mono… .Going back Lord willing Thursday. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 8-8-2022

Tims Ford 8-8-2022 001 Tims Ford 8-8-2022 002

I fished Tim’s yesterday morning from 5:30 until 10:00—Caught 7 Small mouth and lost 2 good fish at the boat,  just didn’t have them stuck good. The fish above  both measured right at 19 inches each and the  2 that I lost was that size as well. Those bite were all on the same bank that historically produce good in the dog days of summer-but when the sun got on it “I” couldn’t stay there—to hot for me.  I believe that you could fish it at night and do really good. The others were scattered here and there. All on Sufix  10lb Yellow Performance Braid and a Sufix 8lb Fluorocarbon Leader.  VMC 3/16th Weedless Finesse Jig and a VMC Shaky Head Jig with soft plastics on both. www.vmc  ***Truthfully  with the gas prices the way they are it’s hard for me to justify spending that kind of $$$ on a 3 or 4  hour trip—I’m looking forward to cooler fall and winter temps——which equals longer trips! More when I have it.  Thank you for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Woods 6-10-2022

Woods 6-10-2022 001 Woods 6-10-2022 002 Woods 6-10-2022 004 Woods 6-10-2022 005 Woods 6-10-2022 006

I fished Woods this morning for 5 hours. I caught the 5 above and had 2 others that got off. I had  3 on a Rapala DT6 Green Gizzard Shad on 6lb test Sufix  Clear Blue Pro Mix Mono I always use a #1 VMC Duolock Snap on all my cranbaits. It give them a little more freedom which can make a big difference at times.   The others on a Texas rigged soft plastic 1/16th VMC Tungsten Worm Weight-pegged with a VMC Sinker Stop and a 2/0  1x Round Bend Worm Hook  20lb Yellow Sufix Performance Braid with a 10lb Sufix  Fluorocarbon leader.  Everything for me was very shallow.  More next week–I hope to take my 4 year old Grandson Marshall out on Monday to do some pan fishing-going to be a lot of fun. Thankd for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Nick A Jack 5-24-2022

Nick A jack 5-24-2022 001 Nick A jack 5-24-2022 002 Nick A jack 5-24-2022 003 Nick A jack 5-24-2022 004 Nick A jack 5-24-2022 005

Fished NAJ today  from 7am until 12:30 with long time friend Jay Arnold.  What you see above was the best of 14 that we put in the boat-we also had several get off.  Everything we caught was in 5 feet of water or less and most on a square bill——and I think maybe 2 or 3 on soft plastics rigged on Sufix 20lb Yellow Performance Braid and a 12lb Sufix Fluorocarbon leader  I was using a VMC  #2 Worm Hook and a VMC 1/8 Tungsten Worm Weight pegged with a VMC Sinker Stop  Thanks for visiting my site—more to come Lord willing. Rick McFerrin