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Center Hill 12-1-2017

Center Hill 12-1-2017 001 Center Hill 12-1-2017 003 Center Hill 12-1-2017 004 Center Hill 12-1-2017 005 Center Hill 12-1-2017 006 Center Hill 12-1-2017 007

Ken and I put in at Hurricane Bridge this morning at 7:00am left at 2:30pm and caught 11 total mix of Smallmouth-Spots and 1 Largemouth. Everything was caught on soft plastics-I was using one of the new3/32 VMC Finesse Weedless Jig that has a 1/0 light wire super sharp hook,  wire keeper and a hollow back that allow you to snug your bait right up against the head which makes a big difference on a more natural presentation. These come in 4 weights in both black and green pumpkin. It took a little while for us to figure out that we would have to use a very light weight  jig because  they would only hit these on the fall. Thus the 3/32 head-I was using Sufix 6lb Clear Blue Pro Mix which really helps when watching your line closely like we had to today. You can view these jigs at and then click on VMC. Good day with a good friend.  Rick McFerrin

Normandy DT6 Red Craw 11-30-2017

Normandy Red Craw DT6 001 Normandy Red Craw DT6 004 Normandy Red Craw DT6 005 Normandy Red Craw DT6 006 Normandy Red Craw DT6 007

I fished Normandy with Ronnie this morning and had a decent 4 1/2 hrs . Water temp was finally 56.8 degrees. I want to show those that are new to fishing in the winter my top 3 choices of crankbaits and the line that I use 100% of the time. The 3 best for me are the (top) Rapala DT6 Demon-(Center)-DT6 River Shad (Bottom) DT6 Read Craw which we used today. I also throw the same colors in the DT10 as well, but 80% of the time it’s the DT6.  These colors have proven themselves over and over again year after year. For those that are new to the DT series-DT means “Dives To” So a DT6 using 10lb test Sufix Mono and a good cast will get the bait down to 6 feet deep (DT10 10 feet deep) BUT I have always been a light line guy so I use Sufix 6lb Test Pro Mix which allow me to get the DT6 down to 8 to 10 feet easily. I always use a #0 VMC Duolock Snap which has 30lb strength instead of tying directly to the O ring of the DT6-this gives the bait more action and when it’s cold it’s good on the hands when it comes to changing baits instead of re-tying.  Sufix Mono and Braids are the finest lines in my opinion on the market today. Smooth coming off your reel-strong and small diameter you just can’t beat Sufix. You can go to and get a better view of these items. And if you have and questions feel free to contact me at and I will be happy to help.  We catch crankbait fish all winter long even when the temps get in the 40’s so go to your favorite tackle store pick these up for your next trip to the lake. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick

New Storm 360GT Search Baits


Like peanut butter and jelly, Storm® 360GT Searchbait® jigs and bodies work best together, but are also available on their own. Storm is now offering its 360GT jigs and boot-tail soft-bodies separately, in two- and six-packs, respectively.

“While this bait and jig head were initially released in one package, paired to be the perfect lure to catch everything that swims, it’s great that they’re available now on their own,” says Davy Hite, a Bassmaster Classic champion and seven-time Bassmaster tournament winner. “Often times, you’ll run out of one sooner than the other, and this just makes it easier to always have the right amount of what you need.”

“Anglers pair 360GT jigs and bodies for a “go-to” bait,” says Storm Product Development Director Mark Fisher, explaining the inspiration behind the “360GT” name. “It’s that simple — ‘GT’ is shorthand for ‘go-to.’”

The 360GT jig features a life-like design, 3D holographic eyes, a single-ball rattle, an exclusive VMC® Coastal Black® hook and an extended, 60-degree line-tie “leg.” They come two per pack in three weights and five color patterns: Chartreuse Ice, Gaga, Smokin’ Ghost, Smelt and Tru Blue.

The 1/8 ounce jig is designed to pair with a 3-1/2 inch 360GT body and comes armed with a 2/0 hook. The 1/4 ounce jig fits a 4-1/2 inch body and has a 4/0 hook. The 3/8 ounce jig accommodates a 5-1/2 inch body and sports a 7/0 hook.

Creating the ultimate illusion of natural baitfish movement, the 360GT body is a realistic-looking, phthalate-free, soft plastic featuring a toe-in boot-tail that elicits incredible fish-attracting action at any retrieve speed.

“The boot tail does a couple things,” Hite explains. “It gives the bait vibration, which the fish can feel in the water. And the slim tail going to the boot gives the bait another action — it moves side to side, just like a fish trying to propel through the water.”

Easy to rig, 360GT bodies feature a handy hook channel and well-marked exit hole. They are available in 3-1/2, 4-1/2  and 5-1/2 inch models. They come six per pack in a re-sealable bag containing an insert tray that protects each individual paddle tail. They’re available in 11 color patterns: Chartreuse Ice, Gaga, Herring, Houdini, Hot Olive, Marilyn, Pearl Ice, Smokin’ Ghost, Smelt, Tru Blue and Volunteer.

Multi-species anglers can expect to catch bass, walleye and pike with 360GT Searchbaits. Ease of use will ensure that they become the go-to choices of anglers of all skill levels. A simple, steady retrieve gives them a fish-attracting swimming motion.

“The 360GT is in a league all its own,” says Jacob Wheeler, a Forrest Wood Cup Champion and two-time Bassmaster tournament winner. “It’s a bait that’s going to work in many different applications — in many different situations,” he says. “It flat-out catches ‘em, no matter what you’re doing.”

Start by fan-casting a 360GT in all directions until the fish reveal where they’re holding. “Basically, throw it in any direction, 360 degrees around where you’re standing,” says Fisher, explaining more of the inspiration for the bait’s name. Go to click on Storm and then 360GT for more info and videos. These are going to be great swim baits,  Check them out. Rick McFerrin

Dale Hollow Nov 2017

Dale Hollow Nov 2017 004 Dale Hollow Nov 2017 005 Dale Hollow Nov 2017 006 Dale Hollow Nov 2017 007 IMG_1704 IMG_1699 IMG_1697 IMG_1696 IMG_1716 IMG_1712 IMG_1709 Dale Hollow Nov 2017 013 Dale Hollow Nov 2017 009 Dale Hollow Nov 2017 008

Ken Jenkins and I fished out of Horse Creek on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday and 1/2 a day Thursday. We experienced a major weather change each day which made things challenging to say the lest. Water temps (believe it or not) is still 65 degrees over every part of the lake we fished from the dam to Holly Creek and as always Dale Hollow clear. We did a lot of running to catch what you see and we only had 1 place that we caught more than 1 fish, there we caught 3.  Our best bait was a swim bait like the Storm 360Gt Search Baits  which comes in 11 Color patterns  and 3 weight sizes with the 1/4 ounce being the best size this week. Presentation was slow-just keeping it up off the bottom and out of the grass. We also caught fish on a jig and a VMC Weedless Neko Rig Sufix 6lb test was my line of choice I hope we aren’t headed for a warm water temp winter like last year-time will tell.  Check out the wild goat in the picture above-evidently there are many of these that roam the islands here.  Rick McFerrin

Center Hill Smallmouth 10-20-2017

Center Hill 10-20-2017 001 Center Hill 10-20-2017 002 Center Hill 10-20-2017 003 Center Hill 10-20-2017 004 Center Hill 10-20-2017 005

Best 5 of 9 this morning on Center Hill all on top water. It was extremely foggy when I got to the ramp this morning when it lifted I ran to a area that I thought would be holding fish and what do you know! The bottom picture is the Rapala Skitter Walk  that I use. The bottom one has been through the war and it is hard to estimate all the fish that I have caught on that particular lure-I wouldn’t take $100.00 for it if someone offered. It started out with a blue top like the one above it-but the fish have worn the color off.  All 5 of these fish were between 18 1/4 to 18 1/2 inches-The 2 that I’m holding up was caught on 2 consecutive casts-I got one in the boat got her unhooked  and quickly cast again and got her partner.  Sufix 8lb Pro Mix was as always my line of  I had 4 other short fish and about that many blow ups that didn’t connect. More Lord willing next week. Big rain and nose diving temps on Monday-looks like we are headed into some great fall-winter weather. Rick McFerrin

White Bass On Woods 10-19-2017

Woods 10-19-2017 004 Woods 10-19-2017 005 Woods 10-19-2017 007

If you have a kid that loves to fish take them to Woods as soon as you can. Ronnie and I put in at Morris Ferry at 700am and had (no error here) 100 white bass by 9:00am and a total of 122 by 10:30am. Go under the bridge head toward the island and start watching your electronics in 16 feet and up. Most of our came out of the 14-15ft range. All of mine was caught on the Krocodile 1/4 ounce Live Image Spoon and 8lb Test Clear Blue Sufix Pro Mix Mono . Simple for a kid-just drop it over the side all the way to the bottom and gently flick the spoon up and down. Not much to get hung on out on this flat-if you do you might have 1 of those giant flat heads that roam these waters. This bite should continue for several more weeks-take your kids they will have a blast. Rick McFerrin

Nick A Jack 10-6-2017

Nick A Jack 10-7-2017 001 Nick A Jack 10-7-2017 002 Nick A Jack 10-7-2017 003 Nick A Jack 10-7-2017 004 Nick A Jack 10-7-2017 005 Nick A Jack 10-7-2017 006 Nick A Jack 10-7-2017 007

Fished NAJ with good friend Ken Jenkins last Friday the 6th. We struggled all day putting a few in the boat with the ones above being our best of 15 or more. 1 top water bite-no crankbait bites everything was on the slow and easy side. I was using the VMC Finesse Weedless Jig and soft plastics on 8lb Clear Blue Sufix Pro Mix Mono As you can see in the pictures it was a hot-slick no generation day-not making excuses just the truth.  We put in at Shell mound and at 1pm when we came back in there was only 1 other trailer in the lot everyone else had left before us.  I feel like a baseball player that’s in a long slump-got to change sooner or later.  Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 10-2-2017

Center Hill 10-3-2017 001 Center Hill 10-3-2017 002 Center Hill 10-3-2017 003 Center Hill 10-3-2017 004

I fished 5 hours on CH yesterday and had 7 total bites with the 4 above being the best. Everything on a VMC Weedless Finesse Jig and soft plastics. and 6lb Clear Blue Sufix Pro Mix.  5 of the 7 bite came off of the same 20-30 yard stretch other wise zero. Water temps are down to 72-73 range as of yesterday. Not much more to tell. I’ll be on Old Hickory with Ken Jenkins the end of the week and will update you then. Rick McFerrin

W/o 9-24-2017

W) 9-25-2017 001 W) 9-25-2017 002 W) 9-25-2017 003 W) 9-25-2017 004 W) 9-25-2017 005 W) 9-25-2017 006 W) 9-25-2017 007

They call this dog days and I can attest that it still that in spades for me. What you see is the best of 15 from Normandy and Tim’s. Every fish came on either a #2 VMC Neko Rig with a 3/32 Neko Weight or a 3/16 VMC Finesse Weedless Jig and soft plastics. When you rig the Neko rig correctly hook ups are in the 80% to 90% range-amazing. The hook has a 3 degree off set point-long shank-wide gap and a stout Fluorocarbon Weed Guard. You can pitch this into heavy timber and fish it through consistently. The 3/16 VMC Weedless Finesse Jig has a 1/0 light wirehook-stainless weed guard-a V shaped bait keeper and a Hollow Head that let’s you snug you choice of plastics up tight. I tossed the Neko Rig on  8lb Sufix Clear Blue Pro MixMono and the Jig on Clear Blue 6lb Cooler weather is setting in which will help out the  76 to 78 degree water temps on these 2 lakes.  Season are changing and I’m gearing up for a great Fall and Winter Season. I urge you to go to and view the videos on these 2 new VMC items, they are very helpful. Rick

Neko Rig Normandy 9-19-2017

Normandy 9-20-2017 001 Normandy 9-20-2017 002 Normandy 9-20-2017 003 Normandy 9-20-2017 004 Normandy 9-20-2017 005 Normandy 9-20-2017 006

Best 4 of 10 or more on Normandy yesterday before the storm ran me to the ramp.  I want to share what I was doing with those that may not be familiar with a Neko Rig. (bottom 2 pics) The rig I was using was a New VMC #1 Weedless Neko Hook a VMC 1/16ounce Neko Weight  and a Black Trick worm.  The VMC Weedless  Neko Hook comes in 4 sizes a #2–#1–1/0 & 2/0 They have a 3 degree off set Point for better hook sets-Resin Closed Eyes that is much easier on line abrasion-and Long shaft-Wide Gap and a Fluorocarbon Weed Guard. The VMC Weight comes in 1/32–1/16–3/32 & 1/8th ounce. The ribs on the weight hold firmly in the bait without damaging the nose of the plastic. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this technique you choose your hook size in relationship to the plastics your using and your weight depending how quickly you want the bait to fall nose down. Yesterday I was fishing laydowns so I wanted a slower fall. Always insert your hook point toward the tail of the plastic (same when using a VMC Wacky O Ring) this will give you a better hook up. You can experiment on how much action to use on the rig-the fish will normally tell you.  Now I didn’t have any big fish again but there was 2 other boats there yesterday with Good Fishermen that I know well. One boat zeroed–the other 2 fish and we were all fishing the same kind of structure. Sometimes you have to use something different and this rig was the difference for me today. Go to click on VMC then Bass Hook choose the Neko Hooks and watch the instructional videos. They will help you see this under the water. Hope this helps Rick McFerrin