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Tim’s Ford 4-18-2019

TF001 TF002 TF003 TF004 TF005 TF006

Well our my first day out with my oldest son Rick Jr. and his life long friend Terry went well considering we battled 30mph winds most of the day.  The ones above are all separate fish and our best. WE lost 8 or 9 additional good fish because they would tail walk and you know the story from there. WE threw everything in the boat but they wanted the presentation slow and slower which wasn’t as easy with the wind. I think we are going to set tomorrow out and shoot for Saturday. Sufix only on all my reels from Braid to Mono the absolute best on the market as far as I’m  concerned.  If you try Sufix you will stay with Sufix… VMC Finesse Weedless Jigs and soft plastics.  Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 4-15-2019

Center Hill 4-15-2019 001 Center Hill 4-15-2019 002 Center Hill 4-15-2019 003

I had about 4 hours to fish yesterday so I headed back to the Hill to try to pick up where I left off last week for Rick Jr.’s best friend coming in to fish this week WRONG! I squeaked out 2 Smallmouth and I Largemouth  out of that area and 4 short Spots on my way back to the ramp. We will see come Thursday.  I only  got bit on  2 things a  VMC Weedless Finesse Jig and soft plastics and a Moss Back #9 Rapala Rip Stop Hard Swim Bait  and just a side note it was flat cold yesterday morning-it felt like winter again. Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 4-12-2019


I fished in Ken’s boat today and Ron fished in his by himself. We met in a cove and took the pictures above. I’m not sure how many total that Ron caught and released (atleast as many as Ken & I)  which was 15 total with the 6 above being our best. Alabama Rig–Swim Bait– and Soft Plastics rigged on a VMC Finesse 3/32oz Weedless Jig was our best choices for the day.– Sufix Braid and Fluorocarbon. 61 to 63 water temp and good color. That’s it for this week, Rick Jr. has his life long best friend coming in for a week and I will be taking them fishing. I think we are going to a combination of Bass/Crappie while Terry is here-I will post our results as we go. Rick McFerrin

Nick A Jack 4-10-2019

NAJ4101 NAJ4102 NAJ4103 NAJ4105 NAJ4106 NAJ4107 NAJ4108 NAJ4109 NAJ41011 NAJ41012 NAJ41013 NAJ41014 NAJ41015 NAL4104

I fished NAJ with good friend Ron today and we had a good numbers day. Rapala DT6 Baby Bass and Soft plastics fished on a VMC 3/32 Weedless Finesse  Jig  Water temp 62 early warmer as the day progressed. Sufix 10lb Braid with a 6lb Sufix Fluorocarbon Leader.  Rick McFerrin Hope to be on Center Hill Friday if I don’t get stormed out

Center Hill 4-9-2019

Center Hill 4-9-2019 001 Center Hill 4-9-2019 002 Center Hill 4-9-2019 003 Center Hill 4-9-2019 004 Center Hill 4-9-2019 005 Center Hill 4-9-2019 006

6 of 12 on thee Hill yesterday. Everything on a swim bait and Sufix 6lb Pro Mix mono  Hope to get back on Friday if I don’t get stormed out. I believe I needed to readjust my boat positioning and depth-We will see. Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 4-4-2019 Rip Stop

Normandy 4-1-2019 001 Center Hill 4-4-2019 001 Center Hill 4-4-2019 002 Center Hill 4-4-2019 003 Center Hill 4-4-2019 004 rip stop 002 Center Hill 4-4-2019 006

I fished Center Hill this morning for 5 hours. I caught and released 6 Smallmouth (Big Fish 20inches) 2 Largemouth 2 KY’s and last but not lest 1 11 inch Black Nose. Not a great numbers or keepers but it was my first trip back to the Hill since the flood-so I was glad to figure something out for next week.  Every fish came on a swim bait. Take a look at the 2 Rapala Rip Stops on the Rapala logo. If your not familiar with the Rip Stop it’s a multi-featured hard bait. I don’t know if you can see the boot  tail on the Rip Stop. Right now we are in a “Jerk Bait” “Swim Bait” time frame and the Rip Stop is a combination of both. Using it as a Jerk Bait it stops on a dime-shimmies slightly then slowly raises it’s head a slowly begins to rise. The way that I used it today was by starting out in the Jerk Bait mode pause for a few seconds and then bring it back as a swim bait. The boot tail creates a  great wobble and the VMC fine wire hooks are as sharp a needles. The Rip Stop comes in 14 colors and 2 sizes a 3 1/2 inch with 2 trebles  and a longer 4 3/4 inch with 3. I used the smaller one today. Check them out and get a couple for your tackle box you will be pleased. Rick McFerrin

Normandy 4-2-2019

Normandy 4-1-2019 002 Normandy 4-1-2019 003 Normandy 4-1-2019 005 Normandy 4-1-2019 007

Best of 7.   It  started out sloooow this morning . I fished from 7am until 11am with only 1 bite. I was just about ready to load out when I caught the ones you see above on a VMC Fineese 3/32 ounce jig and soft plastics.  I talked to 3 other guys fishing in 2 separate boats–1 boat had 1 and the other zero. It was just plain tough. Sufix 10lb performance braid and 6 pound Sufix Fluorocarbon leader. The bite was so soft  and the Sufix Braid sure helped in detecting the bite. More in a couple days Lord willing. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 3-26-2019 Rapala Shad Rap & Shadow Rap

Tims Ford 3-26-2019 001 Tims Ford 3-26-2019 002 Tims Ford 3-26-2019 003 Tims Ford 3-26-2019 004 Tims Ford 3-26-2019 005 Tims Ford 3-26-2019 006 Tims Ford 3-26-2019 007 Tims Ford 3-26-2019 008 Tims Ford 3-26-2019 009 Tims Ford 3-26-2019 010 Tims Ford 3-26-2019 011 Tims Ford 3-26-2019 012 Tims Ford 3-26-2019 013

Good 5 1/2 hours this morning on Tim’s. Water temp 53 degrees-15mph wind and Rapala Jerk bait what a great combination. For the last 2 weeks I’ve been saying it’s Jerk Bait Time with no results until today.  The picture at the bottom is the 2 baits that I used today. A Rapala Deep Haymaker Shadow Rap and a #7 Shad Rap.  The Shadow Rap will slowly rise and turn left or right on a pause and then snap back into action. And the bass “LOVE” the Haymaker color on Tim’s. I used Sufix 10lb Mono on the Jerk baits and 6lb on the Shad Rap.  Pick up some Shadow Raps before you come to Tim’s beause Jerk Bait time has just started. Rick McFerrin

Nick A Jack 3-18-2019

Nick A Jack 3-18-2019 003 Nick A Jack 3-18-2019 002 Nick A Jack 3-18-2019 004 Nick A Jack 3-18-2019 005

Tough for me on NAJ today. I’ve struggled down here over the last couple trips. They Corp is still pulling over 100,000 CFI the lake has dropped some and there is still a lot of color to muddy from the damn to the bridge. I caught these on a Rapala DT6 Demon and a Luhr Jensen Hot Red Crystal Speed Craw  all on 6lb Sufix Clear Blue Pro Mix Mono  I lost 2 others on soft plastics flipping some lay downs other that that not much to tell. Chickamauga Today-I’ll keep you posted. Rick McFerrin