Tims Ford 4-29-2014

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I fished with Joe and Gary today on Tim’s and we had a great day. We caught and released 15 Smallmouth and 1 Largemouth. We also lost 5 or 6 fish as well that we didn’t see. All our fish was caught on either a Pumpkin 3 1/2 inch Trigger X Flappin Bug or a  Pumpkin 4 inch Trigger X Swimming Grub www.triggerx.com   6 or 8lb test Sufix Mono www.sufix.com  And All Pro APX 7′ med and m/h Rods www.allprorods.com . Water is rising and mid to high 60 degrees. We are going to fish 2 more days and will update you every night. Thanks for visiting my site Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com