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Tim’s Ford 4-23-2014

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I had a good day on Tim’s today I caught and released 15 Smallmouth a 2 Largemouth all caught on the 2 baits in middle picture on the top row.  I started out catching them on the 4 inch Trigger X Pumpkin Flappin Bug rigged on a 1/4 ounce  VMC  Rugby jig. The Rugby Jig is designed for Rocky bottoms and the have a side to side rolling action as you ease them along.  The Flappin Bug has 4 small arms that quiver when you raise and lower the bait plus the claws will rise up and straighten out as well. The Smallies hammered this rig.  will   When they slowed down on the bug I caught the rest on a 6 inch Pumpkin Trigger X Buzz Tail Worm rigged weightless on a VMC 2/0 hook I fished the Buzz Tail more like a floating worm. You can’t see it in the picture but the tail of this worm can be used as a paddle tail or there is a small slit that can be cut very easily and the tail becomes a Buzz Tail that put out a tremendous turbulence. The Smallies like it big time. 8lb Test Sufix mono and a 7′ m/h All Pro APX Rod  Rick McFerrin