Old Hickory New BX Brat Largemouth

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When I was guiding Old Hickory full time a shallow crankbait was my go to money lure almost every trip.   I haven’t made the drive in a long time-Tim’s Normandy and Nick A Jack are all closer for me so I get over here a couple time a year now at best.  BUT when I received my first NEW RAPALA BX BRATS I knew right away where I was going to put them to the test.  I got to the ramp in Spencer Creek at 4:45am and right at daylight I headed to an old area of mine that I use to fish and BANG I immediately LOST-YES LOST 2 good fish in the first 5 minutes on the BX Brat Tamale (picture above) I just didn’t have them stuck.     20 minutes later I lost another good fish-I was aggravated at myself but then I settled down-SLOWED MY RETRIEVE DOWN and that was the key. As the sun got up I switched to the Blue Ghost (pictured above) kept moving to other areas all in Spencer Creek  that I use  to fish and caught and released 12 more. Folks even in Cannon County that adds up to 15 Largemouth by 9:30am all in water less than 5 feet deep and high 80 degree water temps. By that time I was HOT-HOT- so I loaded the boat and headed back to the ranch.  A long way for 4 1/2 hour s but I found out what I wanted to know. This is one fantastic square bill crankbait. The BX Brat comes in a 3 foot and a 6 foot bait and 12 different colors- These are made with a balsa core with a copolymer outer shell. They have a modified “V” Cut belly and fantastic action-equipped with 2  VMC # 6 round bend hooks.  Those of you that know me -know I have never lead you wrongin the past and that is still true today. The BX BRAT is a WINNER no doubt in my mind.   I’m not sure what the availability is at retail right now-just check with your favorite tackle shop and get a bunch of these you will be happy that you did.  Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com Next stop Nick A Jack.