Braxton Campbell

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What’s the old saying? “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” That is certainly the case with Braxton Campbell. Braxton is the son of Jason Campbell and Grandson of Billy Campbell a well known tournament team here in middle Tennessee for many years. Billy was also the Vice President of All Pro Rods until he retired a few years ago.  Braxton has been raised in a bass boat with a rod in his hands and has paid keen attention to what Grandpa and Dad has taught him which is evident in the various techniques that he is already skilled in. Crankbait-spinnerbait-swimbait-jerkbait-drop shot-Alabama Rig-shaky head-spoon and more. Braxton is 13years old and in the 8th grade at Warren County Middle School. He is chopping at the bit to try out for the  high school team when he is in the 9th grade.   There may be a Jr. Team this year although nothing has been finalized. If there is I know he will be one of the first in line to try out. The 4 pictures above is just a very very  small  sample of the fish that  Braxton has caught this summer. But here is one of the primary reason that I like this kid-he’s polite and respectful which unfortunately is not always the case with many young people today. With young men like Braxton our sport has a bright future. I’m proud to be his first sponsor and I will keep you updated here on Tennessee Bass Guides through the year.   Rick McFerrin