Center Hill 8-22-2017

CenterHill 8-22-2017 001 CenterHill 8-22-2017 002 CenterHill 8-22-2017 003 CenterHill 8-22-2017 004

I fished the Hill this morning by myself from 6:00am until 10:00am and had 5 total bites putting the 4 you see in the boat-THEN it got hot hot. I caught these on the following Rapala Skitter Walk-DT6 River Shad—DT10 River Shad and soft plastic rigged on the new VMC Finesse Weedless Jig I also used a drop shot and a spoon on 3 different schools with no takers. Sufix Clear Blue Promix 6 & 8lb test used on this trip.  Can’t wait until the lake temps cool off-I’m ready for the fall and winter fishing season. Rick McFerrin