Center Hill 9-11-2017

Center Hill 9-11-2017 001 Center Hill 9-11-2017 002 Center Hill 9-11-2017 003 Center Hill 9-11-2017 004

5 hours this morning on the Hill. The 6 above the best of 12 I think. I stayed close to the ramp because of the impending wind and rain from Irma that has made it’s way into our state.  The smallest spot in the top left hand picture is about the size of the other 6 that I caught. Still not on any big fish-but happy for what I got considering. Rapala Skitter Walk  #2 VMCSpin Shot Drop Shot Hook weighted with a VMC 3/16 Tungsten Drop Shot Weight And a 3/16 VMC Weedless Finesse  Jig and soft plastic’s. Everything on 6lb test Clear Blue Sufix Pro Mix Mono. You can view videos on the Site of all products including the Spin Shot-and all the other spin shot skus—Maybe more the end of the wek depending on what this weather does. Rick McFerrin