Normandy DT6 Red Craw 11-30-2017

Normandy Red Craw DT6 001 Normandy Red Craw DT6 004 Normandy Red Craw DT6 005 Normandy Red Craw DT6 006 Normandy Red Craw DT6 007

I fished Normandy with Ronnie this morning and had a decent 4 1/2 hrs . Water temp was finally 56.8 degrees. I want to show those that are new to fishing in the winter my top 3 choices of crankbaits and the line that I use 100% of the time. The 3 best for me are the (top) Rapala DT6 Demon-(Center)-DT6 River Shad (Bottom) DT6 Read Craw which we used today. I also throw the same colors in the DT10 as well, but 80% of the time it’s the DT6.  These colors have proven themselves over and over again year after year. For those that are new to the DT series-DT means “Dives To” So a DT6 using 10lb test Sufix Mono and a good cast will get the bait down to 6 feet deep (DT10 10 feet deep) BUT I have always been a light line guy so I use Sufix 6lb Test Pro Mix which allow me to get the DT6 down to 8 to 10 feet easily. I always use a #0 VMC Duolock Snap which has 30lb strength instead of tying directly to the O ring of the DT6-this gives the bait more action and when it’s cold it’s good on the hands when it comes to changing baits instead of re-tying.  Sufix Mono and Braids are the finest lines in my opinion on the market today. Smooth coming off your reel-strong and small diameter you just can’t beat Sufix. You can go to and get a better view of these items. And if you have and questions feel free to contact me at and I will be happy to help.  We catch crankbait fish all winter long even when the temps get in the 40’s so go to your favorite tackle store pick these up for your next trip to the lake. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick