Normandy DT6 Red Craw 12-15-2017

nORMANDY 12-15-2017 001 nORMANDY 12-15-2017 002 nORMANDY 12-15-2017 003 nORMANDY 12-15-2017 004 nORMANDY 12-15-2017 005

Ronnie and I put in at 8am with 28 degree air temps and a 5-10mph wind. BURRR  We fished until 11;45AM 34 degrees-we caught and released 9 Largemouth and 1 spot all on the Rapala DT6 Red Craw (pictured above) Water temps was 45 to 46 degrees every where we were today—–It’s about to get right down there. Ronnie and I both throw Sufix 6lb mono-I use the Pro Mix Clear Blue and Ronnie ops for the Hi-Vis Yellow. Everything on pea gravel.  If you haven’t used the Red Craw in the winter you are missing it big time—–Rick McFerrin