Normandy 6-13-2018

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The headless guy is Ronnie Wooten-the terrible photographer  is me. Ronnie and I had either 12 or 13  Largemouth/Spot mix on Normandy this morning on soft plastics rigged on a VMC finesse weedless jig. We had to hunt for them this morning-it was 10:00am when we finally found them-perseverance perseverance.  I know I sound like a broken record but if you are into finesse fishing like I am you will appreciate the quality of these VMC Weedless Jigs. They work extremely well through all types of cover and are extremely sharp which is a VMC trademark. If you haven’t tried them pick up a pack or two of different weights and you will be very pleased.  www.vmchookscom  We both use Sufix Mono, Fluorocarbon  and Braid strongest small diameter lines on the market today and always my choice. Thank you for visiting my site-besure to check out where you can view all the products by brand. Rick McFerrin