Center Hill 7-27-2018

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6 of 15 that Ken and I caught this morning on the Hill. Not an excuse by any means but there was zero “0”surface  activity on the lake (other than gar) and for most of the morning no wind. All of our fish came on 2 different baits. 1 was a swim bait and the other soft plastics.  I really like using Sufix Yellow Braid and with a long Sufix  Fluorocarbon leader on almost all my soft plastics.  The strength, sensitivity & visibility of the braid is fantastic. And the fluorocarbon leader is extremely abrasion resistant and also has superior strength. The combination of the 2 works well for me. Another plus on the Sufix Fluorocarbon  is the exclusive G2 winding system that Sufix has which virtually eliminates line memory. Lot of fun with a good friend. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin