CenterHill 8-24-2018

Center Hill 8-24-2018 003 Center Hill 8-24-2018 004 Center Hill 8-24-2018 005

These are all separate fish. The 2 that I’m holding I caught back to back so I took 1 out of the well and took the pic so I wouldn’t be carrying them in the live well. Water temp is still 79 and just too hot to keep them there. The other 2 were caught is 2 different locations. I had 4 Good Largemouth 8 Short Spots-2 Short Smallmouth a o 1  Black Nose. All 4  came on top water the biggest on a  Rapala Skiiter Walk  All the Spots and Smallmouth on soft plastics and a VMC Weed less Finesse Jig www.vmc 10 lb Sufix Pro Mix Mono on the top water and 20lb Sufix Braid with a a 8lb Sufix fluorocarbon leader.  Rick McFerrin