33lb 6oz Flat Head On 6lb Sufix

WOODS 1-102918 WOODS 2-102918

Every year Ronnie and I look forward to the water to cooling  down at Woods to vertical jig for White Bass and to hang one of the monster cats that live there. Yesterday we caught 100 “YES” 100 white bass and I caught this 33lb 6oz Flat head vertical jigging in 17 to 24 feet of water. Everything I caught was on Sufix 6lb Clear Blue Pro Mix Mono www.sufix.com including the big cat.  Anyone that reads my site knows that I’m a light line guy and for years I have written about Sufix mono www.sufix.com and I will repeat myself again-it is the absolute strongest-best-smoothest-low to no memory-high knot strength-smoothest casting-small diameter mono I have ever used. You can’t wench in these big cats on light line but if you take your time and have your drag set correctly they will eventually wind up in your boat. If you will try 1 spool of your favorite weight you will be a Sufix buyer from now on. Now to the white bass.  We found 2 big schools  of White Bass on my electronics threw out a maker and it was game on. I love using either a 1/4 ounce or a 3/16 ounce Krocodile Spoon www.luhrjensen.com  or a 3/16th Rapala Jigging Rap or Jigging Shad Rap www.rapala.com  for these white bass. If your not familiar with the Jigging Rap It stared out as a ice fishing lure BUT-BUT-it’s far more than that. Through the years  I have caught fish on Woods-Tim’s-Normandy-Center Hill-Priest-Nick A Jack ( above and below the dam) and Old Hickory on a Rapala jigging rap. Everything the swims will hit these-it just takes a little practice and confidence. You can see videos on the Rapala site and on other media out lets. I alternate between the Krocodile Spoon and the jigging Rap-just depends on what they want. Now is the time if your looking for fast action and a lot of fun on Woods White Bass-and maybe a monster as well. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com