W/O 11-5-2018 Tim’s & CenterHill

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This is a 2 day report. The gentleman that is holding the Smallmouth is Robert Markham-2 years ago he had a heart transplant and now he is doing great. Robert gives all the glory to God for his recovery-and that’s where it all belongs. We caught either 7 or 8 with the 3 being our best. The pictures on the floor was from yesterday on Center Hill. My camera wouldn’t work and I don’t like taking pictures this way but there wasn’t another option. I took a few and skipped the rest. Everything we caught on Tim’s was on soft plastics. I caught 3 yesterday on a Rapala Skitter Walk www.rapala.com  and 6 others on soft plastics rigged on a VMC Weedless Finesse  Jig head. I lost 2 other heavy fish that I never saw.  I also caught a 6 or 8 5 to 6 inch Smallmouth-there is a ton of them in Center Hill-good for years to come. www.vmchooks.com.   Sorry for the pics-In a new camera hunt today. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com