Tim’s Ford 2-21-2019


Great morning on Tim’s with Billy and Braxton Campbell even with the lake raising over 6 feet because of all the rain we have had this week.  One thing I learned along time ago on Tim’s , if your on fish in the winter in a particular location consistently they will move up and down with water level changes. Rarely will they move to a different location.  So you adapt to the conditions and as you can see they were still there. We were on fish from the get go and these were the best in 5 hours The wind picked up and we fought trash that was blowing into our spots making it harder and harder to fish. Water temp was 47 more or less. Everything on either a Float N Fly or soft plastics on a VMC Weedless Finesse Jig wwwvmchooks.com  Sufix braid and fluorocarbon.  Hopefully I will have a Chickamauga  and Center Hill next week depending on weather. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com