Normandy & Nick A Jack w/o 3/4/2019

NAJ61 NAJ51 NAJ41 NAJ31 NAJ1 IMG_0734

This has been a tough week for me on the water. What you see is the best from Normandy & NAJ.  Ronnie and I had 2 Largemouth and 4 Spots yesterday and Billy and I had 4 Largemouth on NAJ today. Billy talked with several guys today and no one he talked to was on fish on NAJ today. Misery Loves Company I guess. We found clearer warmer water nearer Shell Mound almost 50 degrees. River channel was muddy and the Corp is releasing over 100,000 CFI so the river was moving right along. Normandy was muddy with high 40’s in water temps. No excuse we just couldn’t find any consistent pattern with no more than 1 fish at a time. Better day ahead. Rick McFerrin