Normandy 6-17-2014

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Doug Markham and I had a very interesting day today on Normandy. We started out at 5:30 am trolling  a variety of crank baits in multiple locations of the lake with no results.  We would mark fish, but most were suspended and not in or around bait.  For a while we thought that we were going to experience another “Got Ya” on the Walleye but we kept moving and changing tactics.  At 10:15 am with temps now around 90 degrees and still no Walleye we decided to make one last stop and from 10:30 until 12:30 we put 9 beautiful Walleye in the boat on the same VMC Revolution Hex Spinner Rig that I caught my Walleye on yesterday. We took a lot of pictures and when Doug sends me more I will add them to this post.  He also had his underwater camera with him and has some great pictures of landing and releasing  these fish which will be on a video I believe on his Face Book.  Also Doug will be talking about the VMC Rigs and our day on his radio show this coming Saturday 99.7 FM listen in.  Doug and I both used these rigs and Sufix Mono  Rick McFerrin