Oct 14 2019

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The pictures above are from 3 separate trips over the past week. I fished by myself, with Braxton and today with Ken.  We caught and released several in the 3 trips but never hooked up on any good ones. Rapala Skitter Walk, DT6  Penguin, www.rapala.com Terminator 3/8oz Chartreuse and White Gold Willow blades www.terminator.com worked the best for me along with soft plastics on a 3/32ounce VMC Weedless Jig Head.  www.vmchooks.com  All on Sufix mono and braid www.sufix.  Hoping for better results later this week. Water temps in mid-70’s and headed down. Cold nights and cold rains will help. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com