Normandy 11-4-2019 Tim’s 11-5-2019

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2Day Report: Good long time friend Tim White came over from Georgia to fish with me this week for 2 days. 1st day on Normandy then tomorrow on Tim’s . The fish that Tim is holding was our best for the day and the 1 picture of me was a good fish I caught last week there as well. DT 6 was our best over all this morning-Tim and I both throw our crankbaits on Sufix mono—Tim was using 8lb test and I was using 6lb. www,  Water temp has dropped down into the low 60’s which should help with the crankbait bite. Tim and I fished Tim’s from 6:30 until noon-he then had to leave to drive back home-VMC Weedless JOg and soft plastics best today  Rick McFerrin