2 Day Report Tim’s and Normandy

Normandy 12-8-2020 001 Normandy 12-8-2020 002

I fished Normandy yesterday caught 5 with the 2 above being the best. Big fish was 3.38lbs and all caught on a Rapala DT6 Caribbean Shad www.rapala.com and Sufix 6lb Pro Mix Mono www.sifix.com. Water temp was 48 degrees and all the fish were on shallow gravel. Today I fished Tim’s with the intent of spending the day throwing a float & fly which I did for 2 hours with no takers. So I picked up the VMC Weedless JIg www.vmchooks.com and soft plastics and caught 8 Smallmouth and 5 Largemouth (BUT) no keepers. Every fish was holding close to cover and the thicker the better. Water temp was 53 degrees-and no sign of turn over in the areas of Normandy or Tim’s that I fished. That’s all for this week. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com