Normandy 9-9-2014

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I spent 3 1/2 hours on Normandy this morning and put 5 in the boat that you see pictured above. I know that there are more top water baits that I could throw but why?  The Rapala Skitter Walk just keeps producing for me over and over again, and It will for you as well if you will tie one on. Water temp is still 81 degrees and hopefully will drop “A LITTLE” this week end with the colder air coming down from Canada. Although nothing can change water temps either up or down better  than rain. We are always looking for those cold fall/early winter rains and then those warm spring/early summer rains….endless cycle! I want to focus for a minute on the bottom right hand picture. That’s the Skitter Walk that I was throwing this morning and as you can see I have it rigged with 2 Single Hooks. These are the new VMC ILS Inline Single Hooks that you should be seeing on the shelves soon.  They come in 1/0 all the way to 7/0 and have a X Wide Gap—X Strong–and actually recommended for larger lures “BUT” the 1/0 works fantastic on the Skitter Walk.  Let me warn you these are NEEEEEDLE Sharp and may be the answer to the what do I do now with a flopping bass in my net problem.  I netted all but 1 of these fish and no hook in the net………HEY!!!!!!! 832 Sufix Braid and a AllPro APX 7’m/h Spinning  Rod……Just love that top water. Rick McFerrin