Woods w/o 6-6-2021

woods 6-10-2021 001 woods 6-10-2021 002 woods 6-10-2021 003 woods 6-10-2021 004 woods 6-10-2021 005 woods 6-10-2021 006 Jay2 Jay1

Fished Woods twice this week with the ones above being the best of the bunch. Several 13-14 inch size fish and a couple decent ones. Long time friend (My Web Master) Jay Arnold and I fished Monday and I fished by myself for 4 hours this morning.  Everything on a VMC #2 Worm Hook 1/8oz VMC Tungsten weight www.vmchoof.com Sufix 20lb Yellow braid with a 10lb Sufix  Fluorocarbon leader www.sufix.com  and soft plastics. It’s been nice on the water this week-clouds-some light rain-not to hot.  More next week the Lord willing. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com