Fishing Update for Week Ending 2-19-2022

I don’t have a lot to share but here is what I have. I’m looking at soem pictures from Billy Campbell of 5 that was weighed in at over 15lbs.  All stages of color om Center Hill—fish (mostly Largemouth) being caught on Jerkbaits Jigs and Crankbaits. A few Smallmouth are showing up mostly on Cranbaits. Water temps in the mid 40’s . The fish that are being caught are “Good” fish—not a lot of bites but the quality is very good.  A lot of suspended high in the water column fish.   Woods I’m looking at a photo of 4 “NICE” Smallmouth that was caught last Saturday 12th on Woods. At the bottom of the picture it says Heartland Anglers Division. You might be able to pull up their site for more info. Folks  is  all I have for this week.  If you have any reports that you want to share send them to and I’ll be happy to post them. I have 12 days until knee replacement -then rehab–hope to be back on the water by mid to late April. Rick