Normandy 8-23-2022

Normandy 8-23-2022 003 Normandy 8-23-2022 005 Normandy 8-23-2022 006 Normandy 8-23-2022 007

I fished Normandy this morning from 6:15am until 9:45 am until it got to hot. I caught the 3 above—a 5.4lbs—-4.6lbs—3.12lbs–the 3 weighed in at 12.92lbs. They would wham the new Rapala Holographic Bone Skitter Walk  that you see above. This bait has the same “thump” that the Skitter Series has plus a Blue-Pink and Silver hologram, This is going to be a “GOOD ONE”   10lb Sufix Pro Mix Mono… .Going back Lord willing Thursday. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin