2 Day Report 10-3 & 4-2020

Nick A jack 10-3-2022 006 tIMS fORD 10-4-2020 001 tIMS fORD 10-4-2020 003 tIMS fORD 10-4-2020 002 Nick A jack 10-3-2022 004 Nick A jack 10-3-2022 003 Nick A jack 10-3-2022 002

I fished the grass at Nick a Jack yesterday and had 7. One on a Terminator Buzz Bait www.terminatorlures.com and 6 on soft plastics rigged weightless 30lb Sufix Braid and 15lb Sufix Fluorocarbon www.sufix.com and a VMC Wide Gap Heavy Duty 4/0 Worm Hook www.vmchooks.com  Fished Tim’s today I caught 16 Smallmouth and 1 Spot.  Rapala Skitter Walk–Silver DT6-rapala.com and a 3/32  VMC Weedless Finesse Jig and soft plastics. Tims was 66 degrees at the ramp and 70 when I left.  A ton of 12-14 inch Smallies have moved up but I was able to catch a 3lb 9oz and a 3lb 3oz Smallmouth on “My Last Stop” —–one more cast!  Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com