Tim’s Ford 2-14-2023

Tims Ford 2-14-2023 001 Tims Ford 2-14-2023 002 Tims Ford 2-14-2023 003 Tims Ford 2-14-2023 004

Fished Tim’s for 4 hours today-I put in at Holiday and there is no problem getting in or out. All I did was throw a crankbait  and a Jerkbait. The 4 above hit a Luhr-Jensen Texas Red Speed Trap I also lost 1 on this same bait. You can view these baits on our Rapala site at www.rapala.com  6Lb test Sufix Clear Blue Pro Mix www.sufix.com and a VMC Crankbait Snap www.vmchook.com that was was it.  I had one stuck on a Clown X Rap that just came undone that I didn’t see.  I’ve been battling some Blood Pressure problems and just haven’t felt good enough to get out-I think we are close to getting that taken care of.  Thanks for visiting my site.  Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com