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Normandy 1-7-2019

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Ronnie and I fished from 6:30 until 11:15 and had  11 Spot/Largemouth mix. I fished an additional hour and had the 2 that you see me holding above. We caught a couple early on a DT6 Red Craw then switched over to a VMC Finesse Weedless Jig and soft plastics and caught the rest. Ronnie was using *8b Sufix Mono and I was using Sufix 10lb Braid and a 6lb Sufix Fluorocarbon leader The bite was extremely light , most of the time you didn’t see a twitch-slack line nothing-just a subtle heaviness.  Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Normandy 1-2-2019


Best of 11 that Ronnie and I had on Normandy this morning on a Rapala DT6 Red Craw . LOT’S of color and differing water temps as high as 54 degrees and as low as 48 degrees. I got Ronnie to try Sufix 6lb mono several years ago and he is a walking commercial for how great the line is. If you haven’t tried it pick some up and you will be hooked to.  Rick McFerrin

Normandy 12-18-2018

Normandy 12-18-2018 006 Normandy 12-18-2018 008 Normandy 12-18-2018 009 Normandy 12-18-2018 004 Normandy 12-18-2018 007

I have been trying to get all my pictures to load for over an hour and have just gave up. I had a good day on Normandy-10 spots and 1 Largemouth all on a Rapala DT6 Red Craw on Sufix 6lb Pro Mix If I can get the other pictures to load I will add them to the post. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Normandy DT6 Red Craw 12-13-2018

NO12 NO11 NO10 NO9 NO8 NO7 NO6 NO5 NO4 NO3 NO2 NO1

Ronnie and I caught 17 today on Normandy on a Rapala DT6 Red Craw. We had 10 off 1 bank and the others were scattered. Water temp 44 to 46 with  great cranking color. We  both used  Sufix 6lb mono on these DT6’s-Slow and easy and very shallow. Rick McFerrin

Week Of 11-26-2018

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Here are 6 pictures that I have been holding back because of a tournament that Bill and Braxton fished this pass week end. Bill is holding 4 that we  (he) caught (I was a good net guy) on a Float N Fly and the other 2  pics are of  Braxton on tournament day. Their club has a 3 fish limit which is great and these 3 Smallmouth won them 2nd place and a good payday in their club fish off.  Billy and I also had several smaller Smallmouth on soft plastics. Once again I was using a VMC Weedless Finesse Jig on Sufix Yellow Braid with a Sufix Fluorocarbon leader. Headed to Center Hill to fish with Billy this morning and the actual air temp here at 4:38am is 22 degrees. Burrrrr! Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 11-19-2018

Center Hill 11-19-2018 001 Center Hill 11-19-2018 002 Center Hill 11-19-2018 003 Center Hill 11-19-2018 004 Center Hill 11-19-2018 005 Center Hill 11-19-2018 006 Center Hill 11-19-2018 007 Center Hill 11-19-2018 008 Center Hill 11-19-2018 009

Good day on the Hill today. Best pictured above-A little unexpected extra on the Walleye that hit a Rapala Albino Shiner the rest hit a LuhrJensen Live Image Blue Krocodile Spoon www.luhrjensencom–3/16 -Terminator PBJ  Finesse JIg VMC Weedless Finesse Jig and soft All on Sufix Mono-Braid and Fluorocarbon leader Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerin


Center Hill 11-16-2018

Center Hill 11-16-2018 002 Center Hill 11-16-2018 003 Center Hill 11-16-2018 004 Center Hill 11-16-2018 005 Center Hill 11-16-2018 006 Center Hill 11-16-2018 007 Center Hill 11-16-2018 008 Center Hill 11-16-2018 009

I had a 20 fish day on the Hill with what you see above being the best. I lost 2 good fish again -one in timber and the other just came undone. Everything except 2 on a VMC Finesse Weedless Jig and soft plastics the other on w Rapala River Shad DT6 Sufix Braid and Fluorocarbon leader. . Water temp 56 degrees and good color. Some stuff floating  because of the rain that we have had lately. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

W/O 11-5-2018 Tim’s & CenterHill

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This is a 2 day report. The gentleman that is holding the Smallmouth is Robert Markham-2 years ago he had a heart transplant and now he is doing great. Robert gives all the glory to God for his recovery-and that’s where it all belongs. We caught either 7 or 8 with the 3 being our best. The pictures on the floor was from yesterday on Center Hill. My camera wouldn’t work and I don’t like taking pictures this way but there wasn’t another option. I took a few and skipped the rest. Everything we caught on Tim’s was on soft plastics. I caught 3 yesterday on a Rapala Skitter Walk  and 6 others on soft plastics rigged on a VMC Weedless Finesse  Jig head. I lost 2 other heavy fish that I never saw.  I also caught a 6 or 8 5 to 6 inch Smallmouth-there is a ton of them in Center Hill-good for years to come.   Sorry for the pics-In a new camera hunt today. Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 10-31-2018

CH10312 CH10311 CH10314

Billy and I put in at 7:00am looking for a top water bite that gave up two be really never materialized (it’s time for sure). We caught 8 total with the 4 above being the best.  We found a bunch of fish on my electronics and caught 3 right off the bat and missed 6 more on a drop shot that would “peck peck” but never hold on. The wind pick up a bunch and the bite shut off as quickly as it started.  I think we had one on a Rapala X Rap and one other on soft plastics rigged on a VMC Weedless Finesse Jig . I was using 20pound Sufix Yellow Braid and a 7lb Sufix Fluorocarbon leader www.sufix. I rigged that with a #2 VMC SpinShot Drop Shot Hook and a VMC 1/8 ounce  Tungsten Ball Weight. One very important benefit of the spin shot hooks is that they completely eliminate line twist and keep you plastics aligned for a natural presentation. Pick some up you will like them for sure. Water temp 65 degrees and a few areas looked almost like the beginning of turn over. More next week. Rick McFerrin

33lb 6oz Flat Head On 6lb Sufix

WOODS 1-102918 WOODS 2-102918

Every year Ronnie and I look forward to the water to cooling  down at Woods to vertical jig for White Bass and to hang one of the monster cats that live there. Yesterday we caught 100 “YES” 100 white bass and I caught this 33lb 6oz Flat head vertical jigging in 17 to 24 feet of water. Everything I caught was on Sufix 6lb Clear Blue Pro Mix Mono including the big cat.  Anyone that reads my site knows that I’m a light line guy and for years I have written about Sufix mono and I will repeat myself again-it is the absolute strongest-best-smoothest-low to no memory-high knot strength-smoothest casting-small diameter mono I have ever used. You can’t wench in these big cats on light line but if you take your time and have your drag set correctly they will eventually wind up in your boat. If you will try 1 spool of your favorite weight you will be a Sufix buyer from now on. Now to the white bass.  We found 2 big schools  of White Bass on my electronics threw out a maker and it was game on. I love using either a 1/4 ounce or a 3/16 ounce Krocodile Spoon  or a 3/16th Rapala Jigging Rap or Jigging Shad Rap  for these white bass. If your not familiar with the Jigging Rap It stared out as a ice fishing lure BUT-BUT-it’s far more than that. Through the years  I have caught fish on Woods-Tim’s-Normandy-Center Hill-Priest-Nick A Jack ( above and below the dam) and Old Hickory on a Rapala jigging rap. Everything the swims will hit these-it just takes a little practice and confidence. You can see videos on the Rapala site and on other media out lets. I alternate between the Krocodile Spoon and the jigging Rap-just depends on what they want. Now is the time if your looking for fast action and a lot of fun on Woods White Bass-and maybe a monster as well. Rick McFerrin