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Normandy Spots -14-2019

Normandy 6-14-2019 008 Normandy 6-14-2019 007 Normandy 6-14-2019 005 Normandy 6-14-2019 004 Normandy 6-14-2019 003

My youngest son Daniel took the day off and we headed to Normandy to Walleye fish. That didn’t work for us in the first 2 hours so we switched to Spots and had a double limit. I started taking Daniel to the lake when he was still in his car seat and diapers. We would stay for a couple hours and catch Bluegill so he could reel them in. I had a rope tied to the back of his life jacket to keep him from falling out of the boat-he would take his Mickey Mouse Spin Cast and away we would go. Now he has a 18 month old (Marshall) that is ready to do the same thing–Needless to say I enjoyed today more than I can say. 1/8oz Black VMC Moon Eye Jig and 6lb Sufix Clear Blue Pro Mix Mono. More next week depending on the weather Rick McFerrin

2 Day Report “New” BX Brat Color

NORMANDY 6-10-19 001 NORMANDY 6-10-19 002 NORMANDY 6-10-19 003 NORMANDY 6-10-19 004 NORMANDY 6-10-19 005 NORMANDY 6-10-19 006 NORMANDY 6-10-19 007 Tims 6-5-2019 007 Tims 6-5-2019 006 Tims 6-5-2019 005

This report is for Normandy today 6-10-2019 and for Tim’s one day last week.  I had 6 good Largemouth on Normandy this morning.  The 3 Smallmouth you see below all came in one spot within 2 good casts from one another. I also had several smaller Smallmouth that day as well. Today I should have had 10 to show you but I lost 3 good fish that I couldn’t get out of the laydowns and another one I just didn’t have stuck. I also had 5 short fish as well.  I’m really excited about some “New” baits here at Rapala. First is a dynamite new color of a BX Brat that is called Hot Dang  It’s a black back-Gray sided bait with  a touch of chartreuse, This is going to be a good one around here. Most of the Smallmouth I caught last week and 3 of the Largemouth you see above came on this bait, You can see a small willow leaf blade on the back treble (I’ll explain in a minute). First we are going to have 4 new colors on the Brat Series PLUS a new BIG BRAT as well. It will be 3/4 of an inch longer 1/2 ounce heavier than the Brat you see above. It should push more water and present a bigger target when needed. The Big Brat will come in one depth range (6Foot) compared to 2 depth ranges we have now (3 Foot & 6 Foot) I don’t have a big one yet to show you and I’m guarding the 2 Hot Dang that I have with my life. They should start showing up in the stores soon. Now for the blade. We also have a “New” Bladed Hybrid 1x strong Short Shank Treble Hook with a small willow leaf blade that is resin sealed into the hook.  The Bladed Hybrid will be available in a #8–#6–#4–and a #2. I immediately attached one to the Hot Dang and man it looks fantastic in the water and as I have already found out the bass like it too.  Can’t wait to get more of these new baits in my hands–Keep watch at your favorite Store they will be coming soon. More hopefully tomorrow. Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 5-30-2019 B&B Doing It Again


Billy and Braxton sent me these pictures of some “Nice” large mouth they caught 2 days ago on the Hill. If you will notice Billy is only holding 1 and it’s the smallest one. Hummm!!!! Way to go guy’s. Braxton keep the pressure on old granddad.  I hope to get back out this next week, my wife is doing better Praise The Lord! Have a great week end. Rick McFerrin


Center Hill 5-24-2019 Billy & Braxton

IMG_0995 IMG_0998 IMG_0999 IMG_1001

Billy sent me these pictures from his and Braxton’s  trip on CH yesterday. Bill said they caught 24 total with 6 keepers. I don’t know much more than that except Braxton has been taught well. He was the only freshman to letter at Warren Co. High School on the fishing team this year and finished high in the state standings as well.  I’m sure he will wear Billy out this summer wanting to be on the water everyday.  Way to go Braxton!!!!!   Rick McFerrin

Normandy 5-16-2019

Normandy 5-16-2019 001 Normandy 5-16-2019 002 Normandy 5-16-2019 003 Normandy 5-16-2019 004 Normandy 5-16-2019 006 Normandy 5-16-2019 007 Normandy 5-16-2019 008 Normandy 5-16-2019 009

Ronnie and I had a decent day considering how slow it was much of the time. We finally got into one area that produced for us. The ones above are the best of 11 that we put in the boat today from 6 am until noon.  Sufix Braid and Fluorocarbon leader and a VMC Weedless Finesse Jig. All for this week. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Nick A Jack 5-14-2019

Nick A jack 5-14-2019 001 Nick A jack 5-14-2019 002 Nick A jack 5-14-2019 003

Robert and I fish NAJ today from daylight until 12:30 caught 18 Largemouth with 4 above being the best. The 2 largest fish is the same fish-just a better pic.  Best bait  Rapala DT6 Demon We also caught several on soft plastics rigged on a 1/8oz VMC Finesse Weedless Jig  Sufix Braid and mono on the soft plastics Sufix 8lb Pro Mix Mono on the DT6. lake is down about 3 feet. Good day with another good friend. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 5-10-2019

tIMS fORD 5-10-2019 001 tIMS fORD 5-10-2019 002 tIMS fORD 5-10-2019 003 tIMS fORD 5-10-2019 004 tIMS fORD 5-10-2019 005 tIMS fORD 5-10-2019 006T

Earlier this week when Robert and I was on Tim’s I hung and lost a couple Largemouth in lay downs.  We were looking for Smallmouth so we didn’t concentrate on on wood. I got to thinking about that yesterday so I went to Tim’s today to solely fish wood with 1 bait alone.  A new 6 inch soft plastic  that I like a lot. I fished 1 arm of a major creek and that was it.  I went up one side and down the other. I fished from 6 am until 11:30 am and what you see above is the result.  I used a VMC 7311 Fast Grip Wide Gap # 2/0 hook and pegged it with a VMC  3/16 oz Tungsten Worm Weight I used Sufix 10 lb Pro Mix  Thankfully I never lost a fish today-If I got a bite in came over the rails.  My curiosity paid off. Thanks for visiting my site Rick McFerrin

Tims Ford 5-7-2019


Robert sorry for cutting your head off in these pictures-I’ll do better next time. We put in right at day light and got off to a slow start. We moved several times and then found 2 areas that payed off. If Robert had a good partner today(that would be me)  there would have been 9 yes 9 more pictures. I either couldn’t keep stuck or I couldn’t get them out of the lay downs. I had my chances and didn’t make the best of them.  No equipment malfunctions just operator error. Everything on soft plastics today.  Sufix mono and braid  VMC Weedless Finesse Jigs Thanks for visiting my site Rick McFerrin

Center Hill Shell Crackers 5-6-2019


Ken and I got on some “Big” Shellcrackers this morning on CH. The big ones ranged from 12 to 13 inches and 1 3/4 lb to 2 lbs.  All on ultra lights. I was using Sufix 4lb mono a VMC Aberdeen # 8 hook a small split shot and a piece of night crawler. They would strip drag and dig deep-a lot of fun with a good friend. Thanks  for visiting my site Rick McFerrin