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Braxton Campbell At It Again

Braxton 1 Braxton 2 braxton 3 braxton 4

I think the fish are happy that Braxton is back in school. These are a few fish that Braxton caught in August on Chickamauga with his grand father Billy. I said it before but I will again this young man is a fishing machine and very honest. Billy told me that he wont take a picture with any Rapala clothing on unless he caught it on a Rapala Lure. Way to go Braxton-always be upfront and honest with your sponsors and it will come back to you multiplied. Proud of you Braxton.  By the way can you guide me on Chickamauga someday?  Rick

Center Hill 9-11-2017

Center Hill 9-11-2017 001 Center Hill 9-11-2017 002 Center Hill 9-11-2017 003 Center Hill 9-11-2017 004

5 hours this morning on the Hill. The 6 above the best of 12 I think. I stayed close to the ramp because of the impending wind and rain from Irma that has made it’s way into our state.  The smallest spot in the top left hand picture is about the size of the other 6 that I caught. Still not on any big fish-but happy for what I got considering. Rapala Skitter Walk  #2 VMCSpin Shot Drop Shot Hook weighted with a VMC 3/16 Tungsten Drop Shot Weight And a 3/16 VMC Weedless Finesse  Jig and soft plastic’s. Everything on 6lb test Clear Blue Sufix Pro Mix Mono. You can view videos on the Site of all products including the Spin Shot-and all the other spin shot skus—Maybe more the end of the wek depending on what this weather does. Rick McFerrin

Week Of September 4-2018

eek Of 9-4-2017 001 eek Of 9-4-2017 002 eek Of 9-4-2017 003 eek Of 9-4-2017 004 eek Of 9-4-2017 005 eek Of 9-4-2017 006 eek Of 9-4-2017 007 eek Of 9-4-2017 008

Not much to talk about–I just haven’t been on any good fish. What you see is a mix of Normandy & Center Hill.  Rapala Skitter Walk-DT6 River Shad and “New BX Brat Pearl Grey Shiner and Soft Plastics on a NEW VMC 1/8oz Weedless  Finesse Jig Today on Center Hill I must have caught 15 or more Smallmouth and Spots combined all between 10 and 12 inches. I had 4 out of one laydown—just couldn’t find the good ones.  More next week depending on weather conditions because of the hurricane  that’s headed to Fla. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 8-24-2017

Tim's Ford 8-24-2017 001 Tim's Ford 8-24-2017 002 Tim's Ford 8-24-2017 003 Tim's Ford 8-24-2017 004 Tim's Ford 8-24-2017 005

Short and Sweet or Sweet and Short?  What you see was all caught in 20 minutes and then Zero with a capital Z……………………Rapala Skitter Walk—-Rapala DT6 and soft plastics rigged weightless on a VMC Wide Gap Worm Hook 6 and 8lb Sufix Clear Blue Pro Mix Mono  Done for the week. Rick McFerrin

Center Hill 8-22-2017

CenterHill 8-22-2017 001 CenterHill 8-22-2017 002 CenterHill 8-22-2017 003 CenterHill 8-22-2017 004

I fished the Hill this morning by myself from 6:00am until 10:00am and had 5 total bites putting the 4 you see in the boat-THEN it got hot hot. I caught these on the following Rapala Skitter Walk-DT6 River Shad—DT10 River Shad and soft plastic rigged on the new VMC Finesse Weedless Jig I also used a drop shot and a spoon on 3 different schools with no takers. Sufix Clear Blue Promix 6 & 8lb test used on this trip.  Can’t wait until the lake temps cool off-I’m ready for the fall and winter fishing season. Rick McFerrin

Pre Eclipse Normandy Bass 8-21-2017

nORMANDY 8-21-2017 001 nORMANDY 8-21-2017 002 nORMANDY 8-21-2017 003

On the water with Ronnie at 6:00am off at 9:30am back home by 10:45am to watch the eclipse—BUT there was a mix of  6 Spots and Largemouth that was willing in those 3 1/2 hour on the water. Big fish was right at 4lbs. Everything on soft plastics rigged on a new 3/16th ounce VMC Weedless Finesse Jig and 6lb test Sufix Clear Blue Pro Mix Mono What a great combination! I need to give you some info on these new VMC Finesse Weedless Jigs. They come in 4 weights from 3/32oz to 1/4oz and 2 colors Black and Grn Pumpkin. Hook sizes are either a 1/0 or a 2/0 depending on jig weight and are light wire with a super sharp  needle point and 2 stainless steel weed guards. If you are fishing a hollow back type bait they will snug right up to the head.  I like them—and the fish like them too!  Rick McFerrin

W/O 8-14-2017 Tim’s & NAJ

NAJ 8-17-2017 001 NAJ 8-17-2017 002 NAJ 8-17-2017 003 NAJ 8-17-2017 004 NAJ 8-17-2017 005 NAJ 8-17-2017 006 Tims 8-14-2017 004 Tims 8-14-2017 003 Tims 8-14-2017 002 Tims 8-14-2017 001

Just a so so week-everything (EVERYTHING) was caught on soft plastic rigged with either a VMC Wide Gap Worm Hook weightless or a “NEW” VMC Weed less Finesse jig.  Sufix Clear Blue Pro Mix Mono 8 & 10lb test That was it!  Rick McFerrin

Tims Ford 8-10-2017

Tims Ford 8-10-2017 001 Tims Ford 8-10-2017 002 Tims Ford 8-10-2017 003 Tims Ford 8-10-2017 004 Tims Ford 8-10-2017 005 Tims Ford 8-10-2017 006 Tims Ford 8-10-2017 007 Tims Ford 8-10-2017 008 Tims Ford 8-10-2017 009 Tims Ford 8-10-2017 010 Tims Ford 8-10-2017 011

Ronnie and I had a great morning on Tim’s today. We caught and released a mix of 17 Largemouth and Smallmouth caught on a variety of lures. (these are all separate fish by the way) It all started out with a Terminator Original Titanium 3/8oz White Buzz Bait www.terminator These buzz baits have a turned up nose that allows the bait to surface quickly even on slower retrieves. I threw this on Sufix 10lb test Clear Blue Pro Mix Mono  Rapala Skitter Walk and soft plastics rigged weightless on Sufix 8lb Test Clear Blue Pro Mix Mono and a 3/0 VMV XL WideGap Worm Hook  Water Temps 82 degrees and normal Tim’s color.  More next week Lord Willing Rick McFerrin

Braxton Campbell

IMG_2630IMG_2618IMG_2651 IMG_2617

What’s the old saying? “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” That is certainly the case with Braxton Campbell. Braxton is the son of Jason Campbell and Grandson of Billy Campbell a well known tournament team here in middle Tennessee for many years. Billy was also the Vice President of All Pro Rods until he retired a few years ago.  Braxton has been raised in a bass boat with a rod in his hands and has paid keen attention to what Grandpa and Dad has taught him which is evident in the various techniques that he is already skilled in. Crankbait-spinnerbait-swimbait-jerkbait-drop shot-Alabama Rig-shaky head-spoon and more. Braxton is 13years old and in the 8th grade at Warren County Middle School. He is chopping at the bit to try out for the  high school team when he is in the 9th grade.   There may be a Jr. Team this year although nothing has been finalized. If there is I know he will be one of the first in line to try out. The 4 pictures above is just a very very  small  sample of the fish that  Braxton has caught this summer. But here is one of the primary reason that I like this kid-he’s polite and respectful which unfortunately is not always the case with many young people today. With young men like Braxton our sport has a bright future. I’m proud to be his first sponsor and I will keep you updated here on Tennessee Bass Guides through the year.   Rick McFerrin

Normandy 8-3-2017

Normandy 8-3-2017 001 Normandy 8-3-2017 002 Normandy 8-3-2017 003 Normandy 8-3-2017 004 Normandy 8-3-2017 005 Normandy 8-3-2017 006

I had a decent day on Normandy today. I put in at 5:30am and left at 2:00pm-I caught and released 11 Largemouth-spot combo with the 6 above being my best. I also lost either 3  more that I just didn’t have stuck. Best baits was a Rapala DT10 and a DT6 both in the River Shad pattern  and soft plastics rigged on a  VMC Fastgrip Wide Gap Worm Hook. www.vmc This is one sharp hook-it has a 15% more penetrating power than conventional worm hooks and is 1X strong so there is no bending out when your hoisting a heavy fish out of cover. I used Sufix 8lb & 10lb Pro Mix mono today-once again Pro Mix is the strongest high tensile strength-low stretch-high shock mono that I have ever used even down into the 6lb test. Also it has very low memory and long distance if need on your cast.  Try them you will like them-Rick McFerrin