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2 Day Report 10-3 & 4-2020

Nick A jack 10-3-2022 006 tIMS fORD 10-4-2020 001 tIMS fORD 10-4-2020 003 tIMS fORD 10-4-2020 002 Nick A jack 10-3-2022 004 Nick A jack 10-3-2022 003 Nick A jack 10-3-2022 002

I fished the grass at Nick a Jack yesterday and had 7. One on a Terminator Buzz Bait and 6 on soft plastics rigged weightless 30lb Sufix Braid and 15lb Sufix Fluorocarbon and a VMC Wide Gap Heavy Duty 4/0 Worm Hook  Fished Tim’s today I caught 16 Smallmouth and 1 Spot.  Rapala Skitter Walk–Silver and a 3/32  VMC Weedless Finesse Jig and soft plastics. Tims was 66 degrees at the ramp and 70 when I left.  A ton of 12-14 inch Smallies have moved up but I was able to catch a 3lb 9oz and a 3lb 3oz Smallmouth on “My Last Stop” —–one more cast!  Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Week Of 9-26-2022

Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 001 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 002 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 003 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 004 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 005 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 006 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 007 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 008 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 009 Tim's Ford 9-29-2022 010

Back at it—good to have the hot weather behind us. I can handle colder weather but not hot anymore.  Before I go any further I have had several people wanting up dates so I will show you some of what I had this week on Center Hill and Tim’s. There are no 18inch  keeper Smallmouth-all short. I had 13 today on Tim’s 5 on a New Rapala DT8 Red Craw and a Silver and Blue. and Sufix 6lb Pro Mix Mono and  the rest on a VMC Weedless Finesse Jig and soft plastics. Sufix 20lb Yellow Performance braid and a 8lb Sufix Fluorocarbon leader. 2 On a Rapala Skitter Walk on Center Hill and a couple on soft plastics. I could only fish 4 hours on Center Hill so I stayed almost within site of the ramp at Ragland. I hope this will be the start of my fall/winter up dates.  Hopefully I will have some larger fish. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Normandy 8-23-2022

Normandy 8-23-2022 003 Normandy 8-23-2022 005 Normandy 8-23-2022 006 Normandy 8-23-2022 007

I fished Normandy this morning from 6:15am until 9:45 am until it got to hot. I caught the 3 above—a 5.4lbs—-4.6lbs—3.12lbs–the 3 weighed in at 12.92lbs. They would wham the new Rapala Holographic Bone Skitter Walk  that you see above. This bait has the same “thump” that the Skitter Series has plus a Blue-Pink and Silver hologram, This is going to be a “GOOD ONE”   10lb Sufix Pro Mix Mono… .Going back Lord willing Thursday. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 8-8-2022

Tims Ford 8-8-2022 001 Tims Ford 8-8-2022 002

I fished Tim’s yesterday morning from 5:30 until 10:00—Caught 7 Small mouth and lost 2 good fish at the boat,  just didn’t have them stuck good. The fish above  both measured right at 19 inches each and the  2 that I lost was that size as well. Those bite were all on the same bank that historically produce good in the dog days of summer-but when the sun got on it “I” couldn’t stay there—to hot for me.  I believe that you could fish it at night and do really good. The others were scattered here and there. All on Sufix  10lb Yellow Performance Braid and a Sufix 8lb Fluorocarbon Leader.  VMC 3/16th Weedless Finesse Jig and a VMC Shaky Head Jig with soft plastics on both. www.vmc  ***Truthfully  with the gas prices the way they are it’s hard for me to justify spending that kind of $$$ on a 3 or 4  hour trip—I’m looking forward to cooler fall and winter temps——which equals longer trips! More when I have it.  Thank you for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Woods 6-10-2022

Woods 6-10-2022 001 Woods 6-10-2022 002 Woods 6-10-2022 004 Woods 6-10-2022 005 Woods 6-10-2022 006

I fished Woods this morning for 5 hours. I caught the 5 above and had 2 others that got off. I had  3 on a Rapala DT6 Green Gizzard Shad on 6lb test Sufix  Clear Blue Pro Mix Mono I always use a #1 VMC Duolock Snap on all my cranbaits. It give them a little more freedom which can make a big difference at times.   The others on a Texas rigged soft plastic 1/16th VMC Tungsten Worm Weight-pegged with a VMC Sinker Stop and a 2/0  1x Round Bend Worm Hook  20lb Yellow Sufix Performance Braid with a 10lb Sufix  Fluorocarbon leader.  Everything for me was very shallow.  More next week–I hope to take my 4 year old Grandson Marshall out on Monday to do some pan fishing-going to be a lot of fun. Thankd for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Nick A Jack 5-24-2022

Nick A jack 5-24-2022 001 Nick A jack 5-24-2022 002 Nick A jack 5-24-2022 003 Nick A jack 5-24-2022 004 Nick A jack 5-24-2022 005

Fished NAJ today  from 7am until 12:30 with long time friend Jay Arnold.  What you see above was the best of 14 that we put in the boat-we also had several get off.  Everything we caught was in 5 feet of water or less and most on a square bill——and I think maybe 2 or 3 on soft plastics rigged on Sufix 20lb Yellow Performance Braid and a 12lb Sufix Fluorocarbon leader  I was using a VMC  #2 Worm Hook and a VMC 1/8 Tungsten Worm Weight pegged with a VMC Sinker Stop  Thanks for visiting my site—more to come Lord willing. Rick McFerrin

Quick Jigging Rap Story

Rapala Jigging Rap 001 Center Hill 5-17-2022 003 Center Hill 5-17-2022 001Center Hill 5-17-2022 002

I love May and June for pan fishing. So I fished Center Hill Monday looking for Shell Crackers and big Blue Gill. I caught and released multiple (What dad called) SNUB NOSED BLUE GILL. At least 20 or more bigger than you hand-BUT only 1 Shell Cracker. I looked for them until it was getting hot around noon (near 90) and decided to head back in. As I was running toward the bridge at Siligo I saw a nice size bust  out in the middle of the Chanel. I had a 1 inch Shad color Jigging Rap tied on a light action rod with Sufix 6lb Pro Mix Mono  so I stopped dropped the Ultrex and there they were 20 feet down in bait. I set the spot lock dropped the Jigging Rap made 2 or 3 snaps and wham one of the Large mouth you see above-2 more drops 2 more hook ups 1 more large mouth and I lost 1 of the biggest Spots that I have had on on Center Hill. Then it was over! It was a matter of the right place at the right time using the right lure. I started fishing a Rapala Jigging Rap back in the 60’s and 70’s Ice Fishing in northern Indiana and Michigan and caught a ton of fish. BUT I soon learned that the Jigging series lures from Rapala works in open water applications just as well.  Rapala offers a Jigging Rap-Jigging Shad Rap–Jigging Snap Rap–Jigging Flat Rap and a “New Jigging Shadow Rap” Each with their own techniques—-multiple sizes weights and colors. There are also all kinds of videos on the Jigging series on our site at and on line as well.  If your a Walleye fisherman you need to check out some of Al Linders videos on Jigging Rap Walleye. No matter what lake your fishing having a Rapala Jigging Rap on when you leave the dock for deeper suspended fish is a very good idea. Check them out at “NOTE” with gas prices the way they are I will only be making 1 trip a week-but I will post what ever the results. Thanks for visiting my site  Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford w/0 5-2-2022

Tims Ford 5-2-2022 003 Tims Ford 5-2-2022 004 Tims Ford 5-2-2022 005 Tims Ford 5-2-2022 001tims 5-5-2022 001 tims 5-5-2022 002 tims 5-5-2022 003

What a great week!!!!! No not because of the size or numbers of fish BUT it is my first time on Tim’s for over 3 months because of my total knee replacement. To say I’m excited doesn’t come close to how I feel.  I fished Monday alone and today with long time friend Jay Arnold in his new boat. The 7 above were the best of 12 for the 2 trips.  Could not get a moving bait bite either day everything on Sufix 10lb Yellow Performance Braid and a 8lb Sufix Fluorocarbon leader.  I rigged soft plastics on a 3/16th ounce VMC Weedless Finesse Jig–www.vmc I hope to fish at least twice next week-I’m still taking therapy and will for the next several weeks  AND THAT’S OK!  Thank you for all your patience concerning my site hope to give you new info each week. I also want to thanks Dan at Rapala for hanging in there with me during this down time. Many companies wouldn’t have done that.  More to come next week Lord willing.  GUYS don’t for get Mothers Day. Rick McFerrin

Knee Update 4-2-2022

I appreciate the messages asking about my knee. I’m taking therapy 3 days a week and making progress.   Still not sure when I will be back on the water—my goal is by the end of the month-I just will have to see how it go’s. There is a lot of fish being caught every where……………………….Thanks Rick