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Tim’s Ford 1-16-2020

Tim's 1-16-2020 001 Tim's 1-16-2020 002 Tim's 1-16-2020 003

Fished Tim’s this morning and ran directly to where I caught fish earlier this week.  In a matter of just a few minutes I had 2 of the Smallmouth above and lost one about the same size.  I caught 4 short (12-14inch) Smallmouth after that. Everything on a Rappala DT6 Red Craw-I threw a couple other colors including the DT6 Demon a Terminator Spinner Bait and Rapala Jerk Baits with no takers-all on the craw. That’s it for this week we will see what the weather does next week-I will post like I always do the good-the bad- and the ugly—–Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 1-13-2020

Tims 1-13-2020 001 Tims 1-13-2020 002 Tims 1-13-2020 003 Tims 1-13-2020 004 Tims 1-13-2020 005

I fished Tim’s this morning and had 8 hits and put 5 of them in the boat all on a Rapala Red Craw DT6 . I was using the new Sufix  6lb Advance I have always been partial to 6lb Pro Mix but Advance may have changed my mine. The feel is magnified with Advance-smooth-strong and comes off the reel like a dread. 52 water temp water and plenty of color . More Thursday weather permitting. Rick McFerrin

Dale Hollow 12-31-2019

RR1 RR15 RR14 RR13 RR12 RR11 RR10 RR9 RR8 RR7 RR5 RR4 RR3

Rick Jr, and I fished DH this morning and caught a mix of  25 Largemouth-Smallmouth and Spots. We never had one of the Big Smallies that Dale Hollow is known for but we had a blast and great father and son time.  I haven’t been on Dale Hollow in several years and had never fished this end of the lake. So we started out totally blind, move around a little and found 1 bank that gave up 20 of the 25 that we caught. On that bank there was 1 very small section that gave up 6 that all looked like  book ends. Sufix Braid and Fluorocarbon VMC Weedless Finesse Jigs and soft plastics. I hoped to get into some of the good crankbait fish that Billy and Braxton caught earlier this week BUT it didn’t happen this time-maybe week.  I’m thankful that RJ and I could get get away today. Rick McFerrin

Billy & Braxton Dale Hollow


Braxton  is out for the Christmas break and has been having a great time on Dale Hollow with his Grandfather Billy.  There were 3 or 4 pictures that I couldn’t get to load up to post-but the ones above should give you a good idea of the fun that they had throwing a Rapala DT 10 and DT6 —Soft plastics and a float n fly. Way to go guy’s.  I think Braxton even let Billy catch a few this time.  Rick McFerrin

Tim’s 12-18-2019 Sufix Advance Mono

tims 12-18-2019 001 tims 12-18-2019 002 Sufix Advance Mono 001

Yesterday I fished Tim’s for 5 1/2 hrs and all I did was throw a DT6 on the “New” Sufix Advance Mono.  The Rapala DT6 Red Craw produced 6 Smallmouth with 2 above (19 1/2 inch and 19 1/4 inch) being my best. If you are familiar with my site you know that I’m  a light line guy. I use 6 and 8lb test Sufix almost entirely with 10 about as heavy as I ever go on anything.  But I heard some great reviews on the Advance so I spooled up one cranking  rod with 10lb Sufix Advance and I was very very impressed. Advance feels almost like a braid. It has low stretch great knot strength and I was amazed at how little abrasion I experienced grinding the Red Craw over rocks-gravel-wood you name it.  The sensitivity is fantastic, has very low memory and it comes off a spinning reel as smooth as silk.  10lb dia is 0.012—-6lb 0.010–8lb 0.011. Advance is available in 4lb to 25lb test. This is one that you want to try- Merry Christmas to everyone. Thank you for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

GrandKids 1st Christmas Cookie Bake

Christmas 1 christmas 2 christmas 3 christmas 4

Tonight around the our kitchen table my 2 Daughter In Laws (left to right) Rachel and Mandi-My Grand Daughter Brittani My wife Rena and our 2 newest grand kids Marshall (almost 2 years) Annilen (18 months) gathered together to let the kids bake and decorate their 1st Christmas cookies.  All we were missing was 1 Granddaughter Ashley  and sons Rick Jr. and Daniel. What a blessing!  Merry Christmas from the McFerrin’s .

Braxton 3 Trip Report

11301 11302 11303 11304 11305 11306

Braxton has been on break this week and has made the most of it. 2 Trips to Tim’s and 1 to Center Hill. Billy said the bite over all was slow-but Braxton did manage to put some good ones in the boat.  The 4 that he is holding was from the tournament on Tim’s yesterday where he finished 2nd. The 3 spot he was holding is from the Hill.   Rapala DT6 Red Craw  and soft plastics accounted for most. Way to go Braxton. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 11-25-2019

Tim's Ford 11-25-2019 004 Tim's Ford 11-25-2019 005 Tim's Ford 11-25-2019 006 Tim's Ford 11-25-2019 007 Tim's Ford 11-25-2019 008 Tim's Ford 11-25-2019 011 Tim's Ford 11-25-2019 012

The 5 Smallmouth & 1 Largemouth  that Robert is holding was the best of 16 Total for us today 3/32oz . VMC Weedless Finesse Jig  and soft plastics and a Rapala Fire Tiger DT6 did what damage we did. Water temps in mid 50’s and normal winter Tim’s color. The 1 picture is friend Jason Freeze holding 2 of his good fish this morning on Tim’s as well.  I wish everyone a great Thanksgiving. I know that I have so much to be thankful for.  Rick McFerrin