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Quick Up Date May 28-2021

I have had several messages asking about different lakes. I have been down in my back-I was having spasms when I would hit a wave. I’m going to a Sports Massage  Therapist and I think I’m turning the corner.  I hope to have some first hand info by the end of next week.  Have a safe weekend on the water—a lot of crazies out there that think they have brakes on the boats.   Rick

Tim’s Ford 4-27-2021

TIM'S 4-27-2021 001 TIM'S 4-27-2021 002 TIM'S 4-27-2021 003 TIM'S 4-27-2021 004 TIM'S 4-27-2021 005 TIM'S 4-27-2021 006 TIM'S 4-27-2021 007 TIM'S 4-27-2021 008 TIM'S 4-27-2021 009 TIM'S 4-27-2021 010 TIM'S 4-27-2021 011 TIM'S 4-27-2021 012 TIM'S 4-27-2021 013 TIM'S 4-27-2021 014 TIM'S 4-27-2021 015

2nd day with good friend Tim White-The ones you see above was our best-we also had 5 not pictured. Rapala #8 X Rap and a VMC Weedless Jig rigged with soft plastics did the best for us today.  6-8lb test Sufix mono ans 10lb Sufix Braid with a 8lb Sufix Fluorocarbon leader.  Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Tims Ford 4-26-2021

Tims 4-26-21 001 Tims 4-26-21 002 Tims 4-26-21 003 Tims 4-26-21 004 Tims 4-26-21 005 Tims 4-26-21 006 Tims 4-26-21 007 Tims 4-26-21 008 Tims 4-26-21 009 Tims 4-26-21 010 Tims 4-26-21 011 Tims 4-26-21 012 Tims 4-26-21 013

Fished Tim’s today with long time friend Tim White. Tim and I trade trips—-3 days on Tim’s with me and then 3 days on Lake Hartwell with Tim.  We stayed busy for 6 hours- catching and releasing 17 Smallmouth-Largemouth-Hybrids and even some very healthy Rock Bass.  I was throwing the same Rapala #8 X Rap that I used last week and it’s still working–  All on 6 or 8lb Sufix mono . More after the trip tomorrow Thank you for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin .

High School Central Division Regional Championship

IMG_0053 IMG_0064

Congratulations to Braxon and Lane for winning the Central Div Championship.  83 Boats participated in this event. Braxton and Lane weighed in 16:38lbs with the 2 largest weighing 4:11lb and 4:40.lbs. Braxton said all the fish came out of a very small area tht they worked over and over.  Great job! Next stop Chickamauga  . Rick McFerrin

Tims Ford 4-20-2021 001 Tims Ford 4-20-2021 002 Tims Ford 4-20-2021 003 Tims Ford 4-20-2021 004 Tims Ford 4-20-2021 005 Tims Ford 4-20-2021 006

Ken Jenkins and I fished Tim’s this morning from 6:30 until noon and the ones above was our best. Our largest fish came on a #8 Rapala –others on a VMC Darter Head Jig  rigged with a swim bait and a VMC Weedless Finesse Jig and soft plastic.  We had zero wind until 10:15 or so then it picked up some. Sufix Braid and Mono wouldn’t use anything else no matter what. Thanks for visiting my site Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 4-19-2021

ims Ford 4 19 2021 006 ims Ford 4 19 2021 007 ims Ford 4 19 2021 014 ims Ford 4 19 2021 013 ims Ford 4 19 2021 011 ims Ford 4 19 2021 010 ims Ford 4 19 2021 009 ims Ford 4 19 2021 008 ims Ford 4 19 2021 015 ims Ford 4 19 2021 016 ims Ford 4 19 2021 020 ims Ford 4 19 2021 019 ims Ford 4 19 2021 018 ims Ford 4 19 2021 017

Fished Tim’s by my self today caught 10 Smallmouth 2 Large Mouth 6 Hybrids. Everything on Sufix 6lb Adavance Mono  A swim bait on a 3/16 VMC Darter Head Jig Head  and a VMC Weedless Finesse Jig  and soft plastics.  Wtare temp mid 60’s and back to Tim’s clear. Thanks for visiting my site Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford High School Tournament 3-27-2021

Braxton Tims1 Braxton Tims2 Braxton Tims3 Braxton tims5

Pictured above is Lane-Braxton and Jason Braxton’s father. Braxton and Lane finished 2nd out of 129 boats  at Tim’s this past weekend with 5 for 12.84. I’s sorry you can’t see the Smallmouth that they are holding-great fish.  The guys have done real well this year and hope to finish up strong on Dale Hollow this coming week end.  Good job guy’s and good luck Saturday. The guys are currently ranked  4th in the state out of nearly 400 boats.

Tim’s Ford 3-22-2021

Tims Ford 3-22-2021 001 Tims Ford 3-22-2021 002 Tims Ford 3-22-2021 003 Tims Ford 3-22-2021 004 Tims Ford 3-22-2021 005 Tims Ford 3-22-2021 006

Fished Tim’s today with long time friend Ron. We threw just about everything at them and a Jerk Bait was by far the the Smallmouth choice this morning.  My best hit a Rapala #10 Olive Green XRap I threw this on the new Neon Lime Sufix 8lb Advance Mono with a 8lb Sufix Fluorocarbon leader The Advance is produced using a Magnetic Extrusion Process which results in a line with superior Abrasion Resistance-Low Stretch and an unbelievable Sensitivity .  I like the visibility of the Neon Lime-you see every twitch-This is a great product-check it out.  Water temp in the mid 50’s and varying visibility depending on where you were at. Thankd for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Braxton Campbell Center Hill High School Tournament


The pictures above were Braxton’s best 3 on Center Hill last Saturday in his recent high school tournament. Jerk bait’s including a Rapala X Rap (Clown) produced the majority of the fish that he put in the boat. If my info is correct he placed 4th-with a 5 Bass Limit. Braxton is off to a good start-Good Luck in the upcoming events on Chickamauga  and Nick-A-Jack . Rick McFerrin