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Normandy 5-2-2017

Normandy 5-2-2017 003 Normandy 5-2-2017 004 Normandy 5-2-2017 005

I haven’t been on Normandy for a while so I headed that way this morning. Water is almost muddy to very dingy from the first to second bridges and temps in the low 70’s.  I had 8 total bites 6 on soft plastics and 2 on a RapalaDT6 Live River Shad 8lb test Sufix  Clear Blue mono on each.  The 5 spots above was my best. My guess is that the spawn over all will be completed with this moon-we should begin to see some good surface activity on Normandy soon-it’s already happening on Nick A Jack and Center Hill that I know of.  More monsoon rain coming in tomorrow-Thursday and some Friday plus a cold front that will take us down to the high 30’s at night and low 50’s during the day-then another warm up the first of next week. Rick McFerrin

Middle Tn Lake Advisory

I know that I have a lot of out of state viewers on my site, so I’m just giving you a heads up.  If you are planning on coming to middle Tn.  to fish this week it might be a good idea to check with marinas or other out lets to get a up date on lake conditions. We are in a flood stage in many parts of middle Tn.  I know that the Manchester area which would effect Normandy-Tim’s and Woods had 6 inches of rain  or more the end of last week.  The forecast is better but we still have potential of large amounts of rain by the middle of the week.  Just hate to see you plan a trip and not be able to enjoy our beautiful water ways.  Be safe  Rick

Nick A Jack 4-17-2017

NAJ 4-17-2017 001 NAJ 4-17-2017 002 NAJ 4-17-2017 003 NAJ 4-17-2017 004 NAJ 4-17-2017 005 NAJ 4-17-2017 006 NAJ 4-17-2017 007 NAJ 4-17-2017 009 NAJ 4-17-2017 010

9 of 18 I caught this morning on NAJ. Water temps in mid 60’s and great color. Everything today on the same Rapala Shadow Rap Shad (Albino Shiner) and a DT6 Live River Shad I marked some fish off a long point in 8 feet of water and they would inhale the River Shad. I used Sufix 8lb Clear Blue Mono on each bait, Team them with the Shadow Rap Shad& Live River Shad and you have a Great combo.  On at day light off at 11:30am…Rick McFerrin

Nick A jack 4-11-2017

Nick A Jack 4-11-2017 012Nick A Jack 4-11-2017 001 Nick A Jack 4-11-2017 002 Nick A Jack 4-11-2017 003 Nick A Jack 4-11-2017 004 Nick A Jack 4-11-2017 005 Nick A Jack 4-11-2017 006 Nick A Jack 4-11-2017 007 Nick A Jack 4-11-2017 008 Nick A Jack 4-11-2017 009 Nick A Jack 4-11-2017 010 Nick A Jack 4-11-2017 011 Nick A Jack 4-11-2017 013 Nick A Jack 4-11-2017 014

These are all separate fish-no double pictures. I put in just before daylight this morning and had a great day on NAJ. EVERYTHING I caught was on a Rapala Albino Shiner Shadow Rap Shad and 8lb test Clear Blue Sufix Pro Mix Mono. . Best 2 weighed 4lb 2oz and 4lb even and caught them on back to back casts.  I really like the Sloooow Rise of this bait when you stop-the instant I would pick up the cadence again they would nail it. There are tons of Jerk Baits out there-BUT-if you haven’t tried the Shadow Rap Shad you need to pick up some before your next trip—–Try them you will like them-I promise. Rick McFerrin

Below Nick A Jack Dam 4-4-2017

Below NAJ Dam 005 Below NAJ Dam 004  Below NAJ Dam 002 Below NAJ Dam 001

I took Daniel for his last appointment at Vanderbilt yesterday (Monday) and he was released with no restrictions!!!!! We are blessed that this turned out the way it did.  Before he go’s back to work Wednesday (Tomorrow) He wanted to get some night crawlers and see what we could come up with below the dam. We had a fantastic time. We caught Spots-Walleye-White Bass-Drum-Blue Gill and at least 25 Channel Cats most about the size Daniel is holding. And most of all had a great time together.  Today was simple 8lb Sufix Mono  VMC Bait Keeper Hooks a small split shot and 100 night crawlers.  Just a good time with my youngest. Rick McFerrin

Nick A Jack 3-28-2017

Nick A jack 3-28-2017 001 Nick A jack 3-28-2017 002 Nick A jack 3-28-2017 003 Nick A jack 3-28-2017 004 Nick A jack 3-28-2017 005 Nick A jack 3-28-2017 007 Nick A jack 3-28-2017 008 Nick A jack 3-28-2017 009

I put in a Shell Mound this morning at daylight and had a good Rapala Shadow Rap Shad (Ghost Shiner) bite for about  2 1/2hrs then at least for me things slowed way down. After that I picked up one here one there on a Rapala DT6 Live River Shad and a Terminator Jig but couldn’t put any pattern together. I used  Sufix 8lb Clear Blue Pro Mix on all my rods today-unbelievable mono.  Center Hill this Thursday if we can dodge the storms. Rick McFerin

Nick A Jack 3-17-2017

Nick A Jack 3-17-2017 002 Nick A Jack 3-17-2017 003 Nick A Jack 3-17-2017 004 Nick A Jack 3-17-2017 005 Nick A Jack 3-17-2017 006

I met good friend Ron at Nick A Jack this morning and we pooled our fish from both boats for pictures.   The 12 above was our best-we also had several others (6-8?)  and 95% was caught on a Ralala DT6 Live River Shad and 8lb test Sufix Clear Blue Mono Water temps have stayed up right at 52 degrees even with the cold weather that we have had over the last 10 days. After today Ron is a firm believer in the River Shad-This has to be 1 of the best colors on our area lakes from Nick A jack to Center Hill-Normandy-Tim’s Priest-Old Hickory….it just flat works.  ****Daniel Up Date**** The operation well very well-he’s doing great and we are so thankful. Rick McFerrin

Up Date On Daniel

This is just a quick update on my son. I have had a lot of calls and e-mails asking how he is doing and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.  This Thursday he go’s for his last operation which this time is to patch the hole in his ear drum.  The procedure is one where they take skin and cartilage from his ear and transplant it over the hole in the ear drum and then pack it with something that dissolves. He will be out of work for 3 weeks   and will have lifting & bending restrictions.    His wedding which has been planned for almost a year  is scheduled for Saturday April 15th-so this will be close. Appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Other wise he is doing great with no lingering effects from burns or the operation on his jaw.  We are blessed and thankful that he is still with us.   Rick

Nick A Jack 3-9-2017

Nick A Jack 3-9-2017 001 Nick A Jack 3-9-2017 002 Nick A Jack 3-9-2017 003 Nick A Jack 3-9-2017 004 Nick A Jack 3-9-2017 005 Nick A Jack 3-9-2017 006 Nick A Jack 3-9-2017 007 Nick A Jack 3-9-2017 008

Best 9 of 16 on Nick A jack today with Ronnie.  Every fish came on a Rapala DT6 Live River Shad  and 6lb test Sufix Pro Mix Clear Blue Mono  Water temp 52 degrees and normal color. All the fish came out of 5 feet of water or less.  Rick McFerrin

Mufreesboro Out Door Cabin Fever Fix

MOD 2017 003  MOD 2017 005  MOD 2017 007  MOD 2017 009 MOD 2017 010   MOD 2017 013

It was great seeing everyone today at MOD for the annul Cabin Fever Fix and a big thank you to Mark from Jones and company for all the help and  the Rapala T Shirts that we were able to give away in this event with the purchase of 3 Rapala-Storm-Sufix or VMC items. Randy always does a a great job-independent stores like MOD are disappearing and we are fortunate to have this one. He not only carries a full line of everything that we make but will make special orders as needed as well.  Also thanks to so many that asked about Daniel our family appreciates your concern and prayers.  Rick McFerrin