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Center Hill/NickaJack Report

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This is a 2 lake report. Ken and I fished CH last Friday looking for Shell Crackers-the lake is very high and we had trouble finding the old beds from the last couple years. We did catch 8 ShellCrackers (big one 1lb 6oz) several hand sized blue gill and a 3lb 6oz Smallmouth. I used a VMC #8 Spin Shot Hook and a VMC 8oz Tungsten Drop Shot Weight and a piece of crawler.  Yesterday Terry and I started out below the NAJ dam and had 1 Smallmouth (20inches) on a Rapala Red Craw DT6 couple Largemouth and *8 Spots.  It was very slow and people were loading out on a regular basis. We decided to move over to the lake where we caught 6 Largemouth.  Over all slow (atleast for us)  for how it has been on Nick A jack lately.  Rick McFerrin

Braxton Personal Best


Braxton and a buddy fished below the Nick A Jack Dam one day last week where Braxton caught his personal best Smallmouth a beautiful 5Lb 1oz . Sounds like the boys stayed busy they caught 60 White Bass-2 Smallmouth-4 Largemouth-6 spots-2 Meanmouth-10 Skip Jack-3 Yellow Strip and 2 Drum. Way to go Braxton! If you have never fished below the Nick Dam it can be fantastic when the generation is right, and you never know for sure what you might set the hook on. On the other hand if there is no to little generation it can be dead and tough as nails. Better check before you go.  Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 4-22-2020

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The first thing I need to do is thank good friends David Duvall and Robert Markham for putting me on a bank that had several Smallmouth. “THANKS GUY’S”  This is a easy post as far as tackle is concerned–#6 VMC Live Bait Hook–Small Split Shot–Tuffy Minnow—Sufix 10lb Performance Braid -Sufix 8lb Fluorocarbon Leader  I caught and released 21 Smallmouth and missed several and had my line broken 1 time. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s Ford 4-9-2020

Tim's Ford 4-9-2020 002 Tim's Ford 4-9-2020 003 Tim's Ford 4-9-2020 004 Tim's Ford 4-9-2020 005 Tim's Ford 4-9-2020 006 Tim's Ford 4-9-2020 007

Fished Tim’s this morning and started out slow-but I found 2 areas that held 12 Smallmouth and 1 Hybrid all caught on a Hay maker Rapala  #9 Shadow Rap Shad with my best pictured  above I also had 5 other that I stuck that jumped and threw the bait. I have found over the past couple years that the Haymaker color produces very well in the early spring on Tim’s.   Everything died for me at about 11:30am-I fished until one with no takers. I was using Sufix Advance 10lb  mono that has great sensitivity. Thanks for visiting my site. Water temp 67+  Rick McFerrin

Chichamagua w/0 3-31-2020

chick4420 chick44202

Billy and Braxton fished Chick early this week and their best 5 weighed in over 20lbs-then today Billy, Jason and Braxton  went again and had some great fish with Braxton catching his personal best of over 6lbs. Two great trips-way to go guys, and congrats Braxton.

Tim’s Ford 3-23-2020

tIMS 3-24-2020 001

Met Billy and Braxton at Tim’s yesterday-David Duval was there as well. Everyone caught Smallmouth but with very few keepers. I had 11 total with 2 keepers. For those of you that are from different states our Smallmouth length is 18 inches. Many of the other 9 that I caught was in the 15 to 17 inch range. VMC Weedless Finesse Jig and soft plastics rigged on Sufix Braid and fluorocarbon leader . With the VIRUS going on I’m not sure how many more trips they will let us make here in Tennessee. I know that many states are shutting things down.  Keep praying. Rick McFerrin

Tim’s 3-19-2020

Tim's 3-19-2020 001 Tim's 3-19-2020 002

I had 9 Smallmouth on Tim’s today with the 3 above being the best. The bite started out great and died after an hour & 1/2 or so-then I struggled more or less until I left. Everything on a 3/16th VMC Weedless Finesse Jig and soft plastic. and Sufix 10lb braid with a Sufix 8lb Fluorocarbon leader.  I had great wind today and spent a lot of time throwing a DT6 and X Rap but with little success. I did talk to one man I know that did have a good jerk bait bite on Tim’s today-I obviously was in the wrong place.  Thanks for visiting my site. More Monday Lord Willing Rick McFerrin