Normandy 5-2-2017

Normandy 5-2-2017 003 Normandy 5-2-2017 004 Normandy 5-2-2017 005

I haven’t been on Normandy for a while so I headed that way this morning. Water is almost muddy to very dingy from the first to second bridges and temps in the low 70’s.  I had 8 total bites 6 on soft plastics and 2 on a RapalaDT6 Live River Shad 8lb test Sufix  Clear Blue mono on each.  The 5 spots above was my best. My guess is that the spawn over all will be completed with this moon-we should begin to see some good surface activity on Normandy soon-it’s already happening on Nick A Jack and Center Hill that I know of.  More monsoon rain coming in tomorrow-Thursday and some Friday plus a cold front that will take us down to the high 30’s at night and low 50’s during the day-then another warm up the first of next week. Rick McFerrin