Neko Rig Normandy 9-19-2017

Normandy 9-20-2017 001 Normandy 9-20-2017 002 Normandy 9-20-2017 003 Normandy 9-20-2017 004 Normandy 9-20-2017 005 Normandy 9-20-2017 006

Best 4 of 10 or more on Normandy yesterday before the storm ran me to the ramp.  I want to share what I was doing with those that may not be familiar with a Neko Rig. (bottom 2 pics) The rig I was using was a New VMC #1 Weedless Neko Hook a VMC 1/16ounce Neko Weight  and a Black Trick worm.  The VMC Weedless  Neko Hook comes in 4 sizes a #2–#1–1/0 & 2/0 They have a 3 degree off set Point for better hook sets-Resin Closed Eyes that is much easier on line abrasion-and Long shaft-Wide Gap and a Fluorocarbon Weed Guard. The VMC Weight comes in 1/32–1/16–3/32 & 1/8th ounce. The ribs on the weight hold firmly in the bait without damaging the nose of the plastic. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this technique you choose your hook size in relationship to the plastics your using and your weight depending how quickly you want the bait to fall nose down. Yesterday I was fishing laydowns so I wanted a slower fall. Always insert your hook point toward the tail of the plastic (same when using a VMC Wacky O Ring) this will give you a better hook up. You can experiment on how much action to use on the rig-the fish will normally tell you.  Now I didn’t have any big fish again but there was 2 other boats there yesterday with Good Fishermen that I know well. One boat zeroed–the other 2 fish and we were all fishing the same kind of structure. Sometimes you have to use something different and this rig was the difference for me today. Go to click on VMC then Bass Hook choose the Neko Hooks and watch the instructional videos. They will help you see this under the water. Hope this helps Rick McFerrin