White Bass On Woods 10-19-2017

Woods 10-19-2017 004 Woods 10-19-2017 005 Woods 10-19-2017 007

If you have a kid that loves to fish take them to Woods as soon as you can. Ronnie and I put in at Morris Ferry at 700am and had (no error here) 100 white bass by 9:00am and a total of 122 by 10:30am. Go under the bridge head toward the island and start watching your electronics in 16 feet and up. Most of our came out of the 14-15ft range. All of mine was caught on the Krocodile 1/4 ounce Live Image Spoon www.luhrjensen.com and 8lb Test Clear Blue Sufix Pro Mix Mono www.sufix.com . Simple for a kid-just drop it over the side all the way to the bottom and gently flick the spoon up and down. Not much to get hung on out on this flat-if you do you might have 1 of those giant flat heads that roam these waters. This bite should continue for several more weeks-take your kids they will have a blast. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com