Center Hill Smallmouth 10-20-2017

Center Hill 10-20-2017 001 Center Hill 10-20-2017 002 Center Hill 10-20-2017 003 Center Hill 10-20-2017 004 Center Hill 10-20-2017 005

Best 5 of 9 this morning on Center Hill all on top water. It was extremely foggy when I got to the ramp this morning when it lifted I ran to a area that I thought would be holding fish and what do you know! The bottom picture is the Rapala Skitter Walk  that I use. The bottom one has been through the war and it is hard to estimate all the fish that I have caught on that particular lure-I wouldn’t take $100.00 for it if someone offered. It started out with a blue top like the one above it-but the fish have worn the color off.  All 5 of these fish were between 18 1/4 to 18 1/2 inches-The 2 that I’m holding up was caught on 2 consecutive casts-I got one in the boat got her unhooked  and quickly cast again and got her partner.  Sufix 8lb Pro Mix was as always my line of  I had 4 other short fish and about that many blow ups that didn’t connect. More Lord willing next week. Big rain and nose diving temps on Monday-looks like we are headed into some great fall-winter weather. Rick McFerrin