Dale Hollow Nov 2017

Dale Hollow Nov 2017 004 Dale Hollow Nov 2017 005 Dale Hollow Nov 2017 006 Dale Hollow Nov 2017 007 IMG_1704 IMG_1699 IMG_1697 IMG_1696 IMG_1716 IMG_1712 IMG_1709 Dale Hollow Nov 2017 013 Dale Hollow Nov 2017 009 Dale Hollow Nov 2017 008

Ken Jenkins and I fished out of Horse Creek on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday and 1/2 a day Thursday. We experienced a major weather change each day which made things challenging to say the lest. Water temps (believe it or not) is still 65 degrees over every part of the lake we fished from the dam to Holly Creek and as always Dale Hollow clear. We did a lot of running to catch what you see and we only had 1 place that we caught more than 1 fish, there we caught 3.  Our best bait was a swim bait like the Storm 360Gt Search Baits www.stormlures.com  which comes in 11 Color patterns  and 3 weight sizes with the 1/4 ounce being the best size this week. Presentation was slow-just keeping it up off the bottom and out of the grass. We also caught fish on a jig and a VMC Weedless Neko Rig www.vmchooks.com. Sufix 6lb test was my line of choice www.sufix.com. I hope we aren’t headed for a warm water temp winter like last year-time will tell.  Check out the wild goat in the picture above-evidently there are many of these that roam the islands here.  Rick McFerrin www.tennessbassguides.com