Tims Ford 1-29-2018

Tims Ford 1-29-2018 001 Tims Ford 1-29-2018 002 Tims Ford 1-29-2018 004

Best 3 of 7 today on Tim’s. Water temp 41 to 43 degrees and the wind pick up with gusts of 20mph.  6 hit a tuffy and the Largemouth one of the new  Rapala Silver BX Brat www.rapala.com . Sufix 6lb mono www.sufix.com and a #6 VMC Octopus Live Bait Hook. 6lb on the  Brat as well.  I didn’t do a lot of running just dropped the tolling motor and stayed with it.  Over all a very pleasant but tough day. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguide.com