Tim’s Ford 2-15-2018

Tims Ford 2-15-2018 001 Tims Ford 2-15-2018 002 Tims Ford 2-15-2018 003

I pulled out some of my old crankbaits  that I use to throw last night and what do you know it was a good choice. It’s hard to tell how many fish I have caught through the years on a Luhr-Jensen Speed Trap-and today the Root Beer Chartreuse 1/8 Trap did the trick. www.luhrjensen.com These are great baits that you just don’t hear much about any more-they have a square bill and a very thin wall that allows for maximum viberation and rattle  that is unique to this bait. I always throw these on  Sufix 6lb Test Clear Blue Pro Mix Mono www.sufix.com  and a VMC Crankbait Snap www.vmchooks.com which  enhances the action even more. Needles to say the Speed Traps in all colors will be back in my arsenal from now on. Water temps today was 47-48 range and muddy to heavy stain-wind 25mph most of the time.  You can view the Speed Traps if you go to rapala.com and click on Luhr-Jensen. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com