Tims Ford 3-2-2018

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This post has been a disaster . First of all I lost 11 pictures of great Smallmouth & Largemouth and Big Hybrids. I kept getting a  image error pop up which I have never seen before. Now I cant get the pictures to position correctly.  I’m done whining now——–Ron and I met at 6:30 am and had a good day. Winds were in the 25mph + range-water temps in the mid to upper 50’s and water color from muddy to heavy stain. All but 2 of our fish came on a Storm Natural Green Craw Crankbait.  www.stormlures.com This bait has been hot for Ron over the past 2 weeks. Go to Rapala.com and then click on Storm then Original Warts Series to get a better  view this bait.  There was no doubt when they hit the Wart-they meant business. 8lb Sufix Clear Blue Pro Mix Mono www.sufix.com VMC Crankbiat Snap that gave the Wart even more “wiggle room” vmchooks.com . More next week Lord willing. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com