2 Day Report Tim’s & Normandy 3-6-2018

Tims 3-5-2018 001 Tims 3-5-2018 002 Tims 3-5-2018 004 Normandy 3-6-2018 001 Normandy 3-6-2018 002 Normandy 3-6-2018 003 Normandy 3-6-2018 005 Normandy 3-6-2018 007

This is a 2 day report for Tims & Normandy. Ronnie is holding our best yesterday on Tim’s all were caught on 2 different Storm Wiggle Warts (Natural Green Craw & Brown Craw)  www.stormlures.com The 5 below (4 LM & 1 Spot)  I caught today on Normandy. 1 On a 3/8oz Terminator Char/White Spinnerbait www.terminatorlures.com and the same Storm Natural Green Wiggle Wart  that has produced over the past couple weeks.  Ronnie and I both throw Sufix Mono in different weights-(6-8-10) best line on the market as far as I’m concerned. www.sufix.com  Water Temps and levels have dropped-River end of Tim’s is heavy stained to muddy-Normandy varies from Barton Springs up-the further you go up the muddier it gets..  More the end of this week. Looks like snow flurries tomorrow. Thanks for visiting my site Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com