W/O July 9-2018 Rip Stop Fish

Normandy 792 CH 7-13-18 001 Normandy 791 CH 7-13-18 002 CH 7-13-18 003 CH 7-13-18 004

2 of the blurry pictures are of Ronnie holding 4 that we caught Monday Morning on Normandy. The other 4 are fish I caught yesterday on Center Hill. My trips are short (3 hour or so) during this hot weather-every since I had a heat stroke several years ago I just don’t push it. Yesterday I had 9 all together-Some on my old reliable favorite Rapala Skitter Walk and others on the New Rapala Rip Stop. I want to talk a little about this new bait it comes in 14 forage-matching color patterns. There are 2 sizes #9 which runs 3-4 feet deep and has 2 VMC trebles the “New” size is a #12 which is a 1/2oz bait which is twice as heavy as the original and runs 4-5 feet deep and has three sticky-sharp No. 5 VMC treble hooks, rather than two. The Rip Stop has a tail design that creates a fast ripping hard stopping flashing swim bait action. When you stop this bait it “shimmies or quivers” before it comes to rest and then the head of the bait begins to lift. You can fish this bait like a jerk bait-a wind and cast, a twitch bait-Yesterday it was keep it moving at a steady pace then stop for a couple seconds . When I picked back up the retrieve is when they nailed it. Check them out at your favorite tackle store or on www.rapala.com AS always I spool nothing but Sufix mono and braid-best on the market hands down. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com