Chickamauga 7-17-2018

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Billy, Braxton and I made a unfortunate quick trip to Chickamauga this morning. Let me explain. We had been at the lake for a couple hours and Billy got a call that Frieda his wife had been taken to the emergency room in McMinnville so we loaded out and headed back. For those of you that believe in prayer I would ask that you do so for the family-she is a very sick lady. We had 9 total with 5 pictured above all but 2 on a drop shot. I was using. I was using Sufix 20/9 Hi Vis Yellow braid and a Sufix 6lb Fluorocarbon leader a VMC #2 Spinshot Drop Shot Hook and VMC 3/8oz Tungsten Drop Shot Ball Weight This is a great Drop Shot set up. The braid cast like  dream the spin shot is needle sharp and the tungsten weight give you a better feel for structure and light bites. Hope we get to go back soon-but even more for Billy, Frieda and the family. Rick McFerrin