Center Hill-9-10-2018

CH91011 CH91010 CH9108 CH9107 CH9106 CH9105 CH9104 CH9103 CH9102 CH9101

Terry and I got to the ramp at 5:15am and it was raining big time. We hung around the ramp until 6:00am then headed to our first stop. We did a lot of moving to get what you see above. I thought we would have a good top water bite but it just didn’t happen. Everything was caught on Sufix Braid and Mono (terry and I both) and a VMC Finesse Weedless 3/32ounce  The 3/32 has a great light wire 1/0 hook and is concaved on the back of the head so your plastics fit tight. They also have stainless weed guards and wire keeper. If you haven’t tried these jigs  you need to pick up a pack you will like them. Thanks for visiting my site Rick McFerrin