Nick A Jack Dam 10-12-2018


Daniel took Friday off and wanted to fish below the NAJ Dam with live bait. We caught some creek minnows the night before and was at the ramp just about daylight. What you see above was caught in the 1st hour and then it was ZERO. We never had another bite in the next 5 hours. We watched the other boats around us and never saw anyone caught a fish.  I talked with Billy, he fished Dale Hollow and had 7 small fish in the first couple hours then zero-and Ronnie never had a bite on Normandy-it must have just been the day for some reason or another.  I’ve been saving gas money and holding out for colder weather which we are finally getting. Water temp Friday was still 76 to 78 degrees and should be down lower this week.  Sufix Braid and Sufix Fluorocarbon leader  rigged with a 3/0 VMC  Bait Keeper Hook was all we used We had some great creek minnows left and I intend to use them up this week before the die. I will let you know what happens. Rick McFerrin