Center Hill 4-4-2019 Rip Stop

Normandy 4-1-2019 001 Center Hill 4-4-2019 001 Center Hill 4-4-2019 002 Center Hill 4-4-2019 003 Center Hill 4-4-2019 004 rip stop 002 Center Hill 4-4-2019 006

I fished Center Hill this morning for 5 hours. I caught and released 6 Smallmouth (Big Fish 20inches) 2 Largemouth 2 KY’s and last but not lest 1 11 inch Black Nose. Not a great numbers or keepers but it was my first trip back to the Hill since the flood-so I was glad to figure something out for next week.  Every fish came on a swim bait. Take a look at the 2 Rapala Rip Stops on the Rapala logo. If your not familiar with the Rip Stop it’s a multi-featured hard bait. I don’t know if you can see the boot  tail on the Rip Stop. Right now we are in a “Jerk Bait” “Swim Bait” time frame and the Rip Stop is a combination of both. Using it as a Jerk Bait it stops on a dime-shimmies slightly then slowly raises it’s head a slowly begins to rise. The way that I used it today was by starting out in the Jerk Bait mode pause for a few seconds and then bring it back as a swim bait. The boot tail creates a  great wobble and the VMC fine wire hooks are as sharp a needles. The Rip Stop comes in 14 colors and 2 sizes a 3 1/2 inch with 2 trebles  and a longer 4 3/4 inch with 3. I used the smaller one today. Check them out and get a couple for your tackle box you will be pleased. Rick McFerrin