2 Day Report “New” BX Brat Color

NORMANDY 6-10-19 001 NORMANDY 6-10-19 002 NORMANDY 6-10-19 003 NORMANDY 6-10-19 004 NORMANDY 6-10-19 005 NORMANDY 6-10-19 006 NORMANDY 6-10-19 007 Tims 6-5-2019 007 Tims 6-5-2019 006 Tims 6-5-2019 005

This report is for Normandy today 6-10-2019 and for Tim’s one day last week.  I had 6 good Largemouth on Normandy this morning.  The 3 Smallmouth you see below all came in one spot within 2 good casts from one another. I also had several smaller Smallmouth that day as well. Today I should have had 10 to show you but I lost 3 good fish that I couldn’t get out of the laydowns and another one I just didn’t have stuck. I also had 5 short fish as well.  I’m really excited about some “New” baits here at Rapala. First is a dynamite new color of a BX Brat that is called Hot Dang  It’s a black back-Gray sided bait with  a touch of chartreuse, This is going to be a good one around here. Most of the Smallmouth I caught last week and 3 of the Largemouth you see above came on this bait, You can see a small willow leaf blade on the back treble (I’ll explain in a minute). First we are going to have 4 new colors on the Brat Series PLUS a new BIG BRAT as well. It will be 3/4 of an inch longer 1/2 ounce heavier than the Brat you see above. It should push more water and present a bigger target when needed. The Big Brat will come in one depth range (6Foot) compared to 2 depth ranges we have now (3 Foot & 6 Foot) I don’t have a big one yet to show you and I’m guarding the 2 Hot Dang that I have with my life. They should start showing up in the stores soon. Now for the blade. We also have a “New” Bladed Hybrid 1x strong Short Shank Treble Hook with a small willow leaf blade that is resin sealed into the hook.  The Bladed Hybrid will be available in a #8–#6–#4–and a #2. I immediately attached one to the Hot Dang and man it looks fantastic in the water and as I have already found out the bass like it too.  Can’t wait to get more of these new baits in my hands–Keep watch at your favorite Store they will be coming soon. More hopefully tomorrow. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com