Normandy Spots -14-2019

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My youngest son Daniel took the day off and we headed to Normandy to Walleye fish. That didn’t work for us in the first 2 hours so we switched to Spots and had a double limit. I started taking Daniel to the lake when he was still in his car seat and diapers. We would stay for a couple hours and catch Bluegill so he could reel them in. I had a rope tied to the back of his life jacket to keep him from falling out of the boat-he would take his Mickey Mouse Spin Cast and away we would go. Now he has a 18 month old (Marshall) that is ready to do the same thing–Needless to say I enjoyed today more than I can say. 1/8oz Black VMC Moon Eye Jig and 6lb Sufix Clear Blue Pro Mix Mono. More next week depending on the weather Rick McFerrin