Tim’s Ford 7-23-2014

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I fished Tim’s twice this week.  Monday on the upper end and wound up sitting under a dock for at least 2 hours with the lightening striking the water all around.  There just wasn’t a whole lot going on. I caught and released 6  Largemouth all caught on a  Perl Trigger X  Minnow www.triggerx.com  rigged with a 4/0 VMC Wide Gap  Hook www.vmchooks.com Today was weather free and a much better day for me over all.  The Rapala Skitter Walk  www.rapala.com accounted for my best fish of the day.  The lake was down about 18 inches  and visibility was normal Tim’s clear.  I went back in a long cover that I normally check out and spent about 2 hours catching White Bass 1 right after the other on a Shad  #5 Rapala Glass Rap.  None of them was over 3/4 lb but I had a blast catching these on a 7′ All Pro APX Light spinning rod www.allprorods.com  and 6lb Sufix Mono www.sufix.com .  By the time I finished there the pleasure boats were in full gear so I loaded out.   I didn’t keep count on how many White Bass I caught  but there was a ton of them and a lot of fun on light tackle.  Thanks for visiting my site. More hopefully this Friday. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebassguides.com