Tim’s Ford 7-26-2014


Tim's Ford 7-26-2014 002Tim's Ford 7-26-2014 001

It was bright sunshine and 90 when I reached the Turkey Creek Ramp. I decided to try a different time of the day on Tim’s so I waited until 1:00 pm to get to the lake. In the summer months I normally put in at daylight and will be home by  1:00 pm taking a nap and now I remember why. It looked like sea-do, pontoon boat,  speed boat central as far as you could see. In years past if you can stand the traffic there was a good deep water dock bite so I concentrated on those for a couple hours with only  2 short spots on a Trigger X Minnow www.triggerx.com.  I checked out the area where I caught the white bass the other day and they are still there and just as willing, I only spent 30 minutes there and caught 10.  There was a few surfacing fish here and there but not close enough to chunk at.  It was 4:30 pm so I went to plan B and that was shaded medium depth banks and that is where I caught 7  large mouth including my best 2 fish pictured above on a Pearl Grey X Rap Prop www.rapala.com . I had to work the bait a little slower than normal and the fish were coming up out of 15-20 feet of water in the shade to take a swipe at the bait.  Back home at 7:00pm, think I will stick with the AM hours. Thanks for visiting my site. Rick McFerrin www.tennesseebass guides.com